Orgasm During Labor & Delivery? Sign Me Up!

orgasmic childbirth

Have you read about this documentary film, "Orgasmic Birth," that's been making the rounds at film festivals this year? Moms around here have been talking about it.

The film was made by a childbirth educator and doula named Debra Pascali-Bonaro and her premise is: What if women were taught to enjoy the birth experience instead of just trying to get through it?


Enjoy it indeed. Pascali-Bonaro claims the "best kept secret" of childbirth is that some women -- get this -- have an orgasm as the baby leaves the woman's body. She's not saying it happens or should happen with every birth -- merely that it's possible, as women in the film report. An OB/GYN in the documentary notes that the huge hormonal surge a woman experiences during birth could contribute to the feelings of ecstasy.

You can catch the doc on Friday, January 2, when it makes its primetime debut on "20/20."

What do you think? Orgasms during childbirth -- anything is possible or puh-lease?

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