12 Confidence-Boosting Perks of Pregnancy

Judy Dutton | Aug 27, 2015 Pregnancy
12 Confidence-Boosting Perks of Pregnancy

pregnant body image happy loveSure, pregnancy can throw a woman's body image for a loop. But here's a secret: Many women love their bodies pregnant all the more. Really. Wanna know why?

In case you're baffled about how being huge as a house can actually boost a woman's body image, check out these surprising pregnancy perks. From clearer skin to thicker hair to mind-blowing sex, these are the things women loved about their pregnant bodies, and they'll make you see pregnancy in a whole new light.


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  • A Radiant Smile


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    "According to all the compliments I got while I was expecting each of my three kids, pregnancy gave me the most radiant smile."

  • No Need to Suck In My Gut


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    "I did love that I don't have to worry about having a flat belly. Pregnancy made it okay to have a rounded belly, so I didn't feel the need to suck it in."

  • Bigger Boobs


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    "Pregnancy made me love my boobs -- meaning I finally had some! Naturally a not-quite size A, I couldn't stop looking at my beautiful size C's. So about six years ago I bought some!"

  • Hotter Sex


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    "For some reason, when I was pregnant, sex was amazing. I think my G-spot was situated differently or something. My poor husband was uncomfortable enough with pregnant sex as it was, and here I was stalking him like a tiger. With my second pregnancy -- high risk with twins -- I got put on bed rest at about five months. At the appointment, my husband said, 'Just to be clear, that means no sex, right?' My doctor cracked up laughing and said, 'Yes, no sex.' My husband audibly sighed in relief."

  • Smoother Skin


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    "My psoriasis -- a skin condition that causes thick red patches of skin -- goes away completely during pregnancy. Not sure why but it's great!"

  • Smaller Butt


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    "The baby sucked my butt away, and from the back, I didn't look pregnant. That was pretty stellar. The comments about 'How do you manage not to fall over?' got a little tiresome, but it's okay, my rear returned tenfold later!"

  • Thicker Hair & Nails


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    "Pregnancy gave me magnificent nails and hair. If I could bottle and sell that effect of pregnancy, I'd be a billionaire!"

  • No Period


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    "I loved not having to deal with Aunt Flo for nine months. No tampons, pads, cramps -- heaven!"

  • A Clearer Complexion


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    "With my first pregnancy, I had horrible acne, but with my second, my complexion was clearer and healthier than ever."

  • My Amazing Moving Belly


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    "While pregnant I just loved holding my belly -- especially after I could feel my babies start to move."

  • How My Body Takes Care of Baby Without My Even Trying


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    "When I was pregnant I loved the feeling that my baby was with me and that my body was doing everything to take care of her automatically."

  • Feeling Fulfilled


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    "Pregnancy gave me a sense of 'wholeness,' like I was fulfilling my purpose. I felt more confident in my pregnant body, with its curves and changes, than I ever felt before or since. It was like I finally fit in my body."


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