10 Fun Things All Pregnant Women Should Do During Their Second Trimester

Judy Dutton | Aug 27, 2015 Pregnancy
10 Fun Things All Pregnant Women Should Do During Their Second Trimester
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The second trimester of pregnancy isn't called the "honeymoon phase" for nothing. Once the first-trimester nausea has (hopefully) ebbed, hormones are revved, and the baby bump is cute but not too much to carry around, every pregnant woman should take advantage of these few golden months with some much overdue pampering and fun.

Once the second trimester arrives, the halfway point of pregnancy is growing near. Forty weeks may seem like a long ways off, but in the scheme of things, it's a very short time away. For first-time moms, this is definitely the perfect time to do all those things that will be harder to do once baby arrives. Even if this is a second or third pregnancy, there's lots of fun stuff to enjoy before the upcoming months with a infant attached at the hip. Take advantage. 

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To get those celebratory second-trimester gears turning, here are a few fun activities to consider that will make any pregnant woman feel amazing and all the more prepared for baby's arrival. Try a few to make the most of this sweet interlude before stuff gets real! 

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  • Make Dinner Reservations at the Best Restaurant in Town


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    Finally, now that you can eat things and hold them down, you've probably got an appetite! So ask your partner to join you on a date night at a fancy restaurant where you can really indulge! After all, as they always say, you're eating for two, so make it count!

  • Start a Gentle Exercise Regimen


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    We know, this one's not exactly "celebratory," but think of how amazing you feel after you exercise. So whether you join a prenatal yoga class or just go for a daily walk, your body and baby will benefit plenty. "The second trimester is a great time for moms to focus on their bodies and start an exercise program to prepare for childbirth," says Marianne Ryan, a physical therapist and author of the book Baby Bod. "Exercise can even make childbirth easier." And hey, who wouldn't want that?

  • Go on a Maternity Shopping Spree


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    Your changing body needs a new wardrobe, so it's the perfect excuse to embark on a shopping spree -- and we're not talking about muumuus and babydoll dresses. Today's maternity clothes are pretty darn chic. Just ask Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton.

  • Buy Some Lingerie, Too


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    If those pregnancy hormones have you hankering for some hanky-panky, capitalize on those sexy curves by splurging on something slinky or sweet to wear that'll entice your partner. Trust us, it will be much appreciated!

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  • Create a Great Pregnancy Announcement (or Gender Reveal)


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    Now that you're past the nerve-wracking first trimester, you can relax -- and start spreading the word! So rather than just telling people, "I'm pregnant!" consider doing something with more personal flair, like a video where you and hubby rap the news, or a funny Photoshopped ultrasound, or whatever gets your creative gears turning. It will not only make the announcement more special for friends and family, but for you too. If you've already told everyone the news, you can create a gender-reveal announcement or even plan a party to announce whether it's a boy or girl.

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  • Head to the Spa


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    Many spas offer packages just for pregnant women, and whether you get a prenatal massage or a facial, you're bound to emerge feeling ahh-mazing. Just keep in mind that certain products may be harmful during pregnancy (like those with retinoid), and if your sense of smell is heightened, certain aromas may get to you, but you can request scent-free oils and other pregnancy-safe treatments. Some spas even have couches with a hole cut out for your bump, so you can actually lie facedown comfortably!

  • Relieve Aches With a Chiropractor


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    If your pregnancy aches and pains merit more serious work than a massage, consider booking an appointment with a prenatal chiropractor. "As a twist on the 'traditional' prenatal massages, prenatal chiropractic
care helps to loosen your pelvis and pelvic ligaments 
to allow for more comfort as baby grows, as well as reducing some of the
 pains that are associated with pregnancy including round ligament pain and
 sciatica," says Shannon Hegarty, owner of Hegarty Chiropractic and
 Wellness. "Not only can it help make the
 overall experience of pregnancy more enjoyable, but also labor and

  • Decorate the Nursery


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    Now that your energy levels and nesting instincts are through the roof, it's the perfect time to get your nursery in picture-perfect shape. Trust us, this isn't something you'll want to put off until the third trimester when you'll be pooped! Do it now, and take your sweet time to find exactly the touches and details you want, from the right paint color for the walls to just the right crib sheets and books. Lump it all onto a baby registry if you want so it'll start rolling in around the time of the baby shower.

  • Throw a Mocktails Party


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    Even if your baby shower happens during the third trimester, the second is a great time to celebrate in a smaller way: with a girls' night in. Invite your good friends to hang out together now, while you have the energy. Serve mocktails and cocktails, so everyone can imbibe, and you won't need to stand there with a boring old seltzer.

  • Travel on a Babymoon


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    Since many airlines don’t allow women to fly late in pregnancy, this is your last chance to live it up! Just keep a few basic babymoon rules in mind: Don't travel too far, since 10-hour road trips and long layovers aren't relaxing. Make sure your OB/GYN is in the loop and gives her blessing for you to travel, and that she fills you in on any immunizations you might need. Last but not least, since airlines have different rules for traveling during pregnancy, be sure to check them in advance, so you don't risk being stopped at the gate. Bon voyage!

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