10 Fun Things All Pregnant Women Should Do During Their Second Trimester

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The second trimester of pregnancy isn't called the "honeymoon phase" for nothing. Once the first-trimester nausea has (hopefully) ebbed, hormones are revved, and the baby bump is cute but not too much to carry around, every pregnant woman should take advantage of these few golden months with some much overdue pampering and fun.


Once the second trimester arrives, the halfway point of pregnancy is growing near. Forty weeks may seem like a long ways off, but in the scheme of things, it's a very short time away. For first-time moms, this is definitely the perfect time to do all those things that will be harder to do once baby arrives. Even if this is a second or third pregnancy, there's lots of fun stuff to enjoy before the upcoming months with a infant attached at the hip. Take advantage. 

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To get those celebratory second-trimester gears turning, here are a few fun activities to consider that will make any pregnant woman feel amazing and all the more prepared for baby's arrival. Try a few to make the most of this sweet interlude before stuff gets real! 

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