10 Crazy 'Word' Names People Actually Gave Their Kids in 2014

You guys, we've reached peak "word name" and it's getting nuts. Nameberry just compiled a list of the craziest "word names" from 2014 Social Security records and, let's just say, parents are really working overtime to come up with the most random, out-there names imaginable.



No, that's a name someone actually gave their kid in 2014, according to the Nameberry list.

Also on the list:

  1. Eliminate (Oh poop, we wanted to use this one)
  2. Captain (Crunch? America? Hook?)
  3. Savvy (Just, no)
  4. Genuine (Soooo original -- except it was given to 5 boys)
  5. Chaos (This name was given to 9 boys. Those parents might actually deserve the toddler years.)
  6. Jihad (Must we explain?)
  7. Harsh (That's harsh)
  8. Rage (That might be harsher than Harsh)
  9. Shade (These parents might be throwing some)
  10. Shiny (That's the name of a Supreme Court Justice if we ever heard one)

We get it. You want your kid's name to reflect your own particular brand of "cool." But what these "word name" parents seem to forget is that these kids are going to grow into people who have to introduce themselves in business meetings as "Couture." It's just mean, is what we're saying. It's your kid's middle school years you're destroying here.

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We'll check back on next year's list, but in the meantime, consider naming your little bundle of joy after something you have strong feelings for like "Cardboard" or "Lysol." Awww, it has such a nice ring to it, don't you think?


Image via © Clark Griffiths/Image Source/Corbis

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