Pregnancy: Should You Switch Your OB/GYN?


swithcing doctors while pregnantI loved the midwife my partner and I worked with when we had our babies; I felt we got great care and were all on the same page about labor and delivery. Having confidence in that relationship helped me feel more confident about pregnancy in general.

But that's not the case for all mommies. Some women decide to switch doctors from one delivery to another; others decide to switch in the middle of a pregnancy. That's what happened with ash654321 (aka Ashley, a first-time mama-to-be in Battle Creek, Michigan.) I asked her why she switched docs -- here's what she had to say.

So you're due in March and you switched to a new doctor at about 24 weeks -- you were half-way through your pregnancy. What made you decide to switch?

I just wasn't comfortable with the doctors I was seeing. I was juggled between four different OBs in the practice and felt they always rushed me out of the office.

I had to wait 30 to 60 minutes at every appointment and then when I did get to see one of the doctors, they didn't give me the time of day. I'd be in the room for maybe five minutes before they'd rush me right back out.

Plus my best friend delivered a few weeks ago with the same practice, and it was not a good experience. I was very unhappy with them in general.

What was involved with actually switching?

I found the new doctor and all I had to do was get my records from the other doctor's office. I drove over and they printed them out for me. I was in the new doctor's office two days later -- they were nice and really took their time with me.

I'm very happy with the new practice. They ask me all sorts of questions -- they don't just measure me and kick me out.


I read an article on changing your OB/GYN on -- while some women have to change during pregnancy for purely practical reasons, like moving to a new town, others have the same experience as Ashley. They're just unhappy with the care they're receiving and want to find a situation they're more comfortable with.

What about you? Have you changed doctors while pregnant, or are you thinking about it?

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Cassi... Cassidhes_Mom

I changed from an OB to a midwife at 28 weeks. I wanted the most natural childbirth I could have, but my OB refused to discuss L & D til my 28 week appt. When she told me she didn't need to see my birth plan since I wasn't the doctor, that I would end up wanting the epidural because "they all do", and--when I mentioned my mom went pain-med free on 3 pitocin births--told me that "no one was there to give hr a medal either, were they?" in a snotty tone, my hubby and I were so pissed that we fired her then and there. He found the birthing center and midwives afterward, and I was so much happier with my treatment.

doulala doulala

I also changed from an OB to a midwife just shy of the second trimester-- so earlier on.     I wanted really great, individualized care.  I wanted to be supported in my decisions (and help knowing what options are).   The care I received from these two providers was as different as night-and-day!     I could go on, but ultimately, I was having a normal, healthy pregnancy so I wanted a Normal Birth Specialist.  (Not a High-Risk/Surgeon to attend my natural delivery.)

Even at-term with my complication, I was still informed and able to deliver naturally in the waterbirth tub.    I really enjoyed everything SO MUCH!!    :-D

AmaliaD AmaliaD

i am considering switching because i wait toolong, then feel rushed, which makes me feel like i am not important and tehy are there just to make money.... very scary... but then again if i switch, it could be worse!  i really dont know what to do, i am 20 weeks and prolly stay the course and this is my last one. idk

refle... reflect1light

I will be switching midwives at about 34 weeks, but it is because we are moving. If not, I would stay with my midwife for this one and then UC any others.

qtmomof2 qtmomof2

I wish I could of. But my insurance wouldn't allow me too. My midwife was suppose to be the best of the best but I think she was at end of her career. She was elderly and the only one "running shop". She had 1 nurse working for her that quit so my waiting times were like 3-6 hours each time!! The delivery was an experience. She came at the last 30 minutes of the show - even fell asleep when I was on the phone with her. She was over worked and exhausted. I wish I had gotten the choice to change though.

Three... ThreeLovedOnes

I ended up switching with my last pregnancy in my 8th month!!!  I called here in Findlay and of course, they felt they couldn't because of malpratice stuff, but I finally found one in Bluffton who would at least look me over & ask me why!

I had been in an accident where the seat belt shoved Isabelle up into my ribs.  The pain didn't hit "real" hard for a few hours & it was scary the next day b/c it felt like I was going into labor.

The practice blew me off over and over again until I finally FORCED them to check me out.  Before this there were like others, make you wait almost an hour and then spend 10 minutes with you.

I was scared for my baby girl ~ already knew she was a girl and had her name picked out in honor of her great, great, grandmother!

Found out a few months after Isabelle was born that the practice had been embroiled in a malpractice suite where they delivered a dead child b/c they let a woman go w/o amniotic fluid for weeks!!!!!!!!


mcqui... mcquistionmom2

We're getting ready to move next month so I will obviously be switching OBs....this is my first experience with a civilian doctor (I had my other 2 boys at a base with a military hospital so all my care was done by military OBs and midwives). My experience with the military doctors far outweighs the experience I have had over the last 19 weeks with this civiliarn doctor so I can't wait to move because the base we're headed to has a military hospital where all my appts and delivery will happen. I had pregnancy induced hyertension with Logan and my OB has only checked my blood pressure once so far! he hasn't checked the fundal height yet either and I had to REMIND him to do the doppler so we could hear the heart beat! My Dh and I are not please with our OB at all and he is supposed to be the "top guy" on our insurance's list of approved doctors....he is very nice but he just doesn't seem like he takes the proper time out to make sure everything is ok. I told him that I have been having some heart palpitations lately....every day for a week leading up to the appt and he just said "I'll let your new OB handle it when you get to the new base" knowing it could take me a while to get into see the new OB and he didn't seem interested in the fact that there may be something wrong. I can't wait to get moved so I can start seeing my new doc...I have one more appt with this doc and we're supposed to find out the sex of the baby.

Katie... KatieCrandall

I never really wanted to switch doctors, even though I had to wait an hour or so at almost every appointment, only to be seen for a few minutes.  My doctor didn't really make me feel rushed, though...there just wasn't always a lot that needed doing!  My doctors office was attached to my hospital, and sometimes my doctor needed to perform a delivery or surgery, whatever.  OBGYN's have some of the crappiest hours of any doctor, babies don't exactly schedule when they're going to be born!  I guess I was able to appreciate the fact that it could have been me needing the doctor's attention so badly that I made everyone else wait. :)

Katie... KatieCrandall

On that note, though, I do think it's important to be comfortable with your doctor, so I would definitely change if that wasn't the case!

Jayzwife Jayzwife

some of u girls complain too much;oh my ob this snd that.your not the only patients he has;give em a break!i love my ob and he's the only one i see at his office.and my wait time is only 20 minutes sometimes less.and who cares if ur in the room for 10 minutes;that means there's nothing wrong with you or your baby.and plus;who wants to be in a room for longer than that?not I.i been with my ob/gyn for five yrs and i wouldn't go to some midwife that if things get complicated she won't be able to do anything and will just end up sending you to a real doctor anyway.

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