Pregnancy: Should You Switch Your OB/GYN?

swithcing doctors while pregnantI loved the midwife my partner and I worked with when we had our babies; I felt we got great care and were all on the same page about labor and delivery. Having confidence in that relationship helped me feel more confident about pregnancy in general.

But that's not the case for all mommies. Some women decide to switch doctors from one delivery to another; others decide to switch in the middle of a pregnancy. That's what happened with ash654321 (aka Ashley, a first-time mama-to-be in Battle Creek, Michigan.) I asked her why she switched docs -- here's what she had to say.


So you're due in March and you switched to a new doctor at about 24 weeks -- you were half-way through your pregnancy. What made you decide to switch?

I just wasn't comfortable with the doctors I was seeing. I was juggled between four different OBs in the practice and felt they always rushed me out of the office.

I had to wait 30 to 60 minutes at every appointment and then when I did get to see one of the doctors, they didn't give me the time of day. I'd be in the room for maybe five minutes before they'd rush me right back out.

Plus my best friend delivered a few weeks ago with the same practice, and it was not a good experience. I was very unhappy with them in general.

What was involved with actually switching?

I found the new doctor and all I had to do was get my records from the other doctor's office. I drove over and they printed them out for me. I was in the new doctor's office two days later -- they were nice and really took their time with me.

I'm very happy with the new practice. They ask me all sorts of questions -- they don't just measure me and kick me out.


I read an article on changing your OB/GYN on -- while some women have to change during pregnancy for purely practical reasons, like moving to a new town, others have the same experience as Ashley. They're just unhappy with the care they're receiving and want to find a situation they're more comfortable with.

What about you? Have you changed doctors while pregnant, or are you thinking about it?

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