Nicki Minaj Might Have Just Won Pregnancy Announcements Forever

As far as pregnancy announcement videos go, we've seen big and loud. But nothing out there can quite trump Nicki Minaj. Standing in front of thousands of fans during her Pinkprint concert tour, Minaj welcomed boyfriend Meek Mill on stage as her "baby father."


Minaj's fans in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, got quite a surprise when Minaj made what certainly sounds on the face of it like a pregnancy announcement. (Nothing has been officially confirmed yet by Minaj.) She and Mill have been dating for several months, and Minaj posted a picture of what seems to be an engagement ring to her Instagram back in May. And now they might be expecting -- or at least planning? -- a baby.

Nicki Minaj has a permanent place on my "hey, you're all right, lady" list ever since she provided the voice for one of the characters on the cartoon Steven Universe. And this latest announcement, whatever it actually means, is just another indicator that, whether she's pregnant or not, Minaj knows how to work a crowd. And of course, who better than the queen of showmanship to release what is basically the biggest and most dramatic pregnancy announcement video ever made?

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YouTube is brimming to the gills with pregnancy announcement videos of all kinds, but I think it's hard to argue that anyone is going to beat the sheer imagery of dropping that little bomb in front of thousands of screaming fans. And I for one would much rather hear Minaj do "Anaconda" than hear yet another "we're expecting" parody of a Frozen song. If I want to listen to off-kilter rhymes and awkward rhythm, I'll listen to Iggy Azalea.

For now I'll offer tentative congratulations to Minaj and Mill on the potential Schrodinger's baby they've got going on, and not-so-tentative congratulations on her ability to make a crowd go wild. And to the rest of the world looking for a way to announce a pregnancy: Maybe try something other than a video. You can't top the queen.


Image © nickiminaj / Instagram

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