Dad Shocks Wife With Big News: 'You're Pregnant!' (VIDEO)

pregnancy announcement dadA clever dad has turned the tables on pregnancy announcements by being perhaps the first dad ever to break the news "you're pregnant!" to his wife -- before even she knew she was expecting!


So how did he manage such a feat? Well, after hearing her mention her period was late, he bought a pregnancy test. Knowing she often didn't flush the toilet at night to avoid waking her two other kids, he snuck into the bathroom afterward for a urine sample.

Although the urine was diluted, the pregnancy test turned out positive! So dad went in to deliver the news to his wife ... and filmed the whole thing, of course.

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I never would have thought a man could surprise a woman by telling her she's pregnant, but this guy shows it's possible. Quite an impressive way to turn the tables!

And, of course, the video this dad took did double duty as a hilarious pregnancy announcement for friends and family -- as well as plenty of strangers who could just appreciate the genius behind this dad's plan.


Image via Sam and Nia/YouTube

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