9 Reasons Every New Mom Needs a Glam Squad in the Delivery Room

Getting ready to have a baby? Forget your birthing plan, what’s your glam plan after squeezing that puppy out? Oh, haven’t you heard? It’s the latest thing. All the cool new moms are bringing a glam squad with them to the delivery room for the fiercest, freshest first photos of mom and baby. 


As much as your initial instinct might be to poo-poo the idea of getting your haaaaair did right after delivery, when you really start to think about it, the idea really is pretty genius. Having your hair and makeup done after delivering a baby represents the kind of solid practicality all new mothers tend to instinctively develop during pregnancy, and it’s awesome.

Here are 9 solid reasons every woman should have a professional hair and makeup team in tow on the way to the delivery room.

1. Those pictures are going right on Instagram, why should you have limp hair?

2. This might be the last time until they go to kindergarten you have time for a blowout. Enjoy, girl.

3. This is a big day, look your best.

4. No one wants to face their in-laws without their game face on.

5. Contouring is a new mom's best friend. The struggle against bloat is real.

6. But your tatas look enormous!

7. It’s nice to win back a little dignity after a team of people just watched you poop on a table.
8. Your hairstylist really is the best person to help you break down what the hell just happened.

9. But most importantly, you’re about to meet the love of your life.


Image via Monika Olszewska/shutterstock

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