Dad-to-be Draws a Pregnancy Announcement You've Gotta See (VIDEO)

pregnancy announcementWhen Nick and Ari-Ann Rollins learned they were expecting their first child in March 2016, they wanted to spread the word in a fun way -- so the dad-to-be decided to announce their pregnancy with a time-lapse drawing of their growing family.


"When we discovered that we were going to be having a baby, we really wanted to try to do something unique because it's such an exciting thing to announce," Nick told the press.

So Nick, who enjoys art as a hobby, decided to draw an illustration of him and his wife ... only once it was near completion he "introduced" his new family member by changing his sketch to include a tell-tale bump. Check it out below:

Since then, it's been viewed over 183,000 times, prompting Nick to say, "We weren't expecting it to go beyond our circle of friends and family!"

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All I can say is, what a classy, creative pregnancy announcement! It really raises the bar for the rest of us.

And I think this also goes to show that you don't need to do a crazy elaborate music video for a pregnancy announcement to be good. Even something as simple as a drawing can be captivating.

Moral of the story? Pick a pregnancy announcement that says something about you as a couple -- your hobbies, interests, sense of humor -- and you'll make this moment all the more memorable.


Image via Nick Rollins/YouTube

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