'Mama Sherpas': A Sneak Peek at Ricki Lake's New Documentary About Midwives (VIDEO)

mama sherpas

A new documentary film is showing moms there's an alternative to having doctors deliver their baby. The Mama Sherpas, produced by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein (famed for The Business of Being Born), follows various women who are using midwives rather than doctors to deliver their babies.


The film's director, Brigid Maher, became inspired to do this documentary because she'd had a C-section and dreaded having another one. The next time she was expecting, she turned to a midwife, who helped her deliver a 9-pound, 10-ounce baby -- via VBAC.

Today, one in three births end up C-sections, even though the World Health Organization recommends half that rate. To which this film asks: Are midwives the solution? This documentary seems to think so.

But midwives don't just help women avoid C-sections or have the birth they want. They help women throughout their entire pregnancy and postpartum phase, thoroughly covering everything from nutrition to breastfeeding, exercise to mental health.

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Midwife means "with woman," and as this documentary makes abundantly clear, that's what they do: They are a sounding board and cheerleader who help moms achieve the birth that they want. What mom giving birth doesn't want that?

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