Mom Urges Women to Embrace 'PregFit' Rather Than 'PregFat' for Easy Labor

pregfit not pregfatMany women treat pregnancy as a time to really indulge. Whether they chalk it up to cravings or eating for two, it does sort of seem like the perfect excuse to pick up a fork or spoon (or just use your fingers; no one will judge you, you're pregnant!) and have at it! But fitness guru Sharny Kieser of Australia is urging expectant moms to choose "PregFit" rather than "PregFat."


What does that mean exactly? The mom who's expecting her sixth child suggests putting down the layer cake and picking up the pace! And she's not afraid to put her money where her mouth is.

The Pregfit author says that after gaining 60+ pounds with her first four pregnancies, she decided to go about her fifth differently. After only packing on 20 pounds, Kieser says the difference was tremendous. She explains her inspiration:

I didn't want to be the tired, sore, exhausted mother any more. I wanted to experience this pregnancy to its absolute fullest potential. I wanted to be the best vessel for my baby to grow in.

What's really nice to hear is that Kieser says she didn't make this change to improve her body image. She simply wanted to feel better. We'd have to imagine with all those kids to keep up with she'd need all the energy she could get, right? So how did she make this enormous shift from PregFat to PregFit? She changed her mindset, she says: 

Sitting at a coffee shop eating cakes is not something that empowered me. Sure, it tastes good and nobody is going to judge you because you're pregnant. But the excess fat you put on has to come back off some time.

Ugh, as much as we hate to admit it, she has a point. Even if you have a whopping 10-pound baby, you're still going to have quite a bit of weight to work off, if you choose to. And let's face it, when you're sore and sleep-deprived it's doubly hard to get motivated to attend a spin class. (I'm speaking from personal experience here!) 

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Not only did staying fit help the expectant mom feel better, but she also claims it was the reason her fifth labor lasted just 15 minutes! Wow, that alone might be enough to get some moms to consider her theory. 

Of course, by the time you're having your fifth, you might be lucky if the baby doesn't just come flying out on the way to the hospital. Still, having energy and eating well is important before, during, and after pregnancy, so we'd have to imagine Kieser is on to something!

Was your pregnancy more PregFit or PregFat? 

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