Incredible Water Birth Photo Series Captures Pure Serenity in Delivery (PHOTOS)

Kathy Rosario lives for babies, and it shows! The South Florida photographer took photos of her friend's water birth that are full of so much love and emotion, the feeling nearly jumps out of each frame. 


Birth is often considered chaotic, painful ... anything but calm. But Kathy's description of the moment leading up to birth makes us think serene anticipation.

In her words, "There is nothing more amazing than watching a woman give birth, and when it's in the comfort of her own home it feels even more special. It was pure bliss and tranquility as we awaited the baby's arrival. I have photographed quite a few births already, but nothing quite compared to the serenity of a home water birth!"

Do you have a photo like #5?


Image via Kathy Rosario Photography

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