When This Dad Found Out He'd Be a Grandpa He Lost His Mind! (VIDEO)


A expectant couple decided to surprise the soon-to-be grandparents with their pregnancy news -- and secretly film their reaction! But the best part is that Grandpa ended up surprising them with the best victory dance ever.


Take a look at the video and you'll see what we mean: Once it hits Grandma, she's bubbling over with enthusiasm and questions for the expectant mom. But Grandpa? At first, he's strangely stoic ... at least until Grandma leaves the room.

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Don't you love it? When I told my folks they were going to be grandparents, it was kinda the same thing. My mom was clearly over the moon; my dad was much more reserved. Still, though, he's the strong, silent type who does cartwheels on the inside.

So to me, at least, this video is clear and undeniable proof that while we expect Grandma to be excited, Grandpa is just as ecstatic too. He just may not show it, so you may not even know it. 

That is, unless you set up a secret camera.

How did your parents react when they heard they were going to be grandparents?


Image via Justin Hall/YouTube

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