'Normal Birth' Shows Exactly How a Baby Is Born (VIDEO)

When you're pregnant, one of the first things you worry about is how the heck the baby is going to get out of there? Obviously you know how. But you want to know how how. The "normal birth video" answers that question.


It lacks gore. It lacks emotion and people. The simple video uses 1990s-esque computer animation to demonstrate the whole business, and finally, voilà: The baby is delivered and floats out into the ether, presumably to go have a dance party with Ally McBeal.

Take a look:

If you've never had the good fortune to sit through a sex-ed class informative enough to give you a clear picture of what exactly happens when a baby decides to make its debut, this is a pretty solid place to start.

It's also a great video to show you're kids when they're ready to know how babies are born. It's clinical. It's informative. It is the exact opposite of every screaming-and-shrieking birth scene ever depicted on television or on film. And it's exactly the place where I'd want someone to start learning about the birth process, if I didn't want their next step to be trying to invent some sort of teleportation device to try to beam the baby out of their belly and directly into the bassinet like a tiny Star Trek character.

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I'm not in love with the fact that the film is titled Normal Birth -- people already get enough grief over medically necessary C-sections without stigmatizing it as abnormal and weird. Vaginal Birth, perhaps? Non-Surgical Birth? But other than the odd title choice, this is a really nice video that will hopefully make a few pregnant people feel a little better with regards to what's about to happen to their bodies. I'll take that over dancing hamsters and rock-climbing babies any day. (Just don't get between me and the cute cat videos.)


Image via Pregnancy Videos / Facebook

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