Holidays: What's on YOUR Wish List, Mama?

holidays presents

Photo by newmumma21

I usually have a hard time coming up with things I want for Christmas -- um, not this year. We're scaling way back, like everyone else (did you see Cafe Kierna's post about money at the holidays?), so I'm not looking for any big-ticket items, but I do have a few basic, little things that I really need or want.

What about you?

Italiancouture7 asked moms-to-be in Pregnancy what was on their holiday wish list. Here are a few of the responses.


Magdalena81305 wants a nice breast pump.

stephanieevers is kinda tired of getting gifts for the baby -- she'd like to score something for herself. Like maybe an iPod Touch. (Sweet!)

ktnunna needs a new couch.

SarahMerritt_22 wants her baby out by Christmas! (No purchase necessary....)

JDM31707 wants a good mixer (the hand-held is not cutting it) so she can make her husband the awesome mashed potatoes he loves.

BraydensMama163 would like to have professional family pictures taken.

What about you? What do YOU really want for Christmas?

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