This Britney Spears Parody Is the Most Elaborate Pregnancy Announcement Yet (VIDEO)

pregnancy announcement britney spears parody

A pregnancy announcement that parodies Britney Spears songs has gone viral, spreading far beyond the coupe's friends and family. And for very good reason: It's absolutely hilarious!


Parents Jerrad and Machel Green both start in this 5-minute clip (their 3-year-old boy Noah also makes an appearance). The couple tweaked the lyrics to various Britney hits to fit the pregnancy theme, kicking off with "Oops I did it again: "I took the test, and it's positive!" See more below:

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I hafta say, I'm impressed! Some serious effort went into this video; it sure beats just telling people "Hey I'm pregnant" (which is what I did, I'm embarrassed to say). I mean, everything from the outfits to the backup singers is absolutely perfect.

I think it's great when couples really celebrate their pregnancy and announce it to the world with panache. Because after all, it doesn't get much more momentous than expecting a child, so why not spread the word with your own personal style and sense of humor?

I'm guessing this is a video that the couple and their friends and family will laugh about for decades.

How did you announce your pregnancy?


Image via Vintage Marquee Lights/YouTube

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