Pregnancy: Is it Safe? Cold Medications While Pregnant

cold medicine while pregnant You've got a killer cold but you're pregnant -- can you take medicine for it? It's a common question, and I had it, too, when I was pregnant (I talked to my midwife and did end up taking something to get relief at night so I could sleep.)

BabyBumbleBee asked which cold medicines are safe while pregnant in the Pregnancy group -- here's what moms had to say.


NikkiDoll pointed out that there's a list of safe medications in the Pregnancy group's FAQs -- scan it as a quick reference.

ElaineReads offered that it was probably OK to take something basic like Sudafed or Tylenol, but underscored that moms-to-be have to be especially careful in the first trimester.

mamiyoungin said she took Sudafed for a cold, and it was fine, but noted that she was in her second trimester when she took it.

In short, yes, you can take something -- but consult with your doctor about what's safe and best for you.

And here's a list of safe medications while pregnant from WebMD, plus general info on taking medicine while pregnant. Two good things to note: Avoid "SA" (sustained action) and "multi-symptom" forms of most over-the-counter medications -- it's best to keep it basic.

What about you? Have you taken medication while pregnant?

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