Photographer Live Instagrams Births From Start to Finish With Stunning Results (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Jun 2, 2015 Pregnancy

birth in bathtub

Once a mom is in labor, friends and family are generally dying for updates ... which gave Kansas City-based photographer Cate DePrisco an idea. Since moms were hiring her to shoot their birth anyway, she launched the Instagram account InstaBirthStory. Its premise? Post photos of births while they were happening ... so family and friends can be a part of it all (without actually crowding into the room). 

Cate became inspired to document births in real time while she was photographing a woman whose labor lasted 54 hours (yep, you heard that right).

"That meant there was a lot of down time," Cate joked. "So I'd post a photo I was proud of on Instagram along with a caption … and before I knew it, I realized I was telling a story and people were following along. There seemed to be quite a bit of positivity about it, so I asked the next mom if it was okay, and she said yes. So did the next, and the next." 

While she doesn't charge extra for this and guarantees any mom can opt out if she prefers her privacy, so far no client has refused. And we can see why: These photos offered viewers a peek behind that delivery room door, unveiling the mysteries and magic of birth as they unfold.

"I had no idea this was going to be something more than one story when I first started it," admits Cate. "I also had no idea birth was so feared, and that I was going to open a door to discussing it in a more positive way. I'm honored women are letting me tell their stories."

Check out the dramatic highs and lows of the first birth Cate documented (along with her descriptions).

Would you let a photographer post photos of your birth while it happened?


Image via instabirthstory/Instagram