26 Weirdest Tricks 'Guaranteed' to Get You Pregnant

pregnantThere are many wives' tales surrounding fertility boosters and how to get pregnant. Some of us swear by the wackiest of things, but if the end result is a positive sign on a pee stick, we are believers. How wacky?


I polled several women and scoured the web to collect some of the best -- and weirdest -- advice people have given on secrets to conception ... beyond just having sex, of course. I will admit that I have tried at least six of these ... and I ended up pregnant with twins. Does it work? Well, I can guarantee you this -- it will be fun trying. Check out this list of 26 strange pieces of advice given on how to get pregnant.

1. Read The Secret ... and then wish for a baby.

2. Get drunk and get in the backseat of a car to have sex.

3. File for bankruptcy because you always get pregnant when you can't afford them!

4. Insert an Instead Cup after sex to keep the swimmers near the cervix.

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5. Have the man drink caffeine about an hour before sex and then do it doggie style.

6. Having sex, then stand on your head.

7. After sex get on your back and put your hands on your hips and your legs straight up in the air. Bounce and stay that way for a few minutes.

8. Wear socks ... during.

9. Visit the chiropractor. An adjustment can help you get pregnant.

10. Put elephant figurines under your bed because they promote fertility.

11. Swim in the ocean.

12. Plant grass under your bed.

13. Sleep on the right side of your man.

14. Eat blueberries or grapefruit.

15. Adopt a baby. Having one will make you more fertile, and then you'll have two kids.

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16. Put a red ribbon under your pillow.

17. Take cough medicine to thin out your mucus.

18. Meditate on it. Visualize the sperm meeting the egg and a fetus growing.

19. Wear a necklace that holds fertility herbs.

20. Have sex during a full moon.

21. Sit on a chair a pregnant woman was just sitting in.

22. Drink hot sauce.

23. Stop cleaning under the bed.

24. Have him climax first, then make sure you climax when his sperm is inside you.

25. Buy a new house. Baby will come soon after.

26. Ice his testicles every day for a month to increase "flow."

What's the weirdest advice you got when you were trying to conceive?

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