15 Heart-Melting Images of Dads Meeting Their Babies for the First Time

dad meets baby

Few moments in life are as moving as when moms give birth and meet their baby for the first time ... but what about dads? While this initial meet-and-greet between father and infant is rarely so celebrated, it's just as emotional. So grab the tissues, moms! It's time to watch these stoic male creatures melt into jelly, and you along with them.


As one photographer put it: Moms may feel bonded to their baby throughout the pregnancy, but it often doesn't hit dads until they're staring into their newborn's eyes. That's what makes these images so powerful -- consider this an ode to fatherhood from the moment it begins.

Would your partner ever do what the dad in #6 did for his kid?


Image via Ashley Marston Birth Photography

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