25 Priceless Baby Boy Names That Begin With 'P'

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They're always popular and definitely perfect, and 'P' names for boys continue to top the lists of best names for generations. They sound strong with the hard 'P,' or softer with the 'Ph,' but if you're picking a baby name for your son that begins with the letter P, your little man will have quite the playful moniker.


Having trouble with your perfect pick? Check out these 'P' names for boys that are purely adorable:

  1. Palmer: This turn-of-the-century name started out as a last name, but it has made it to the charts as a popular first name ever since the 1900s. It once was the last name for anyone who had made the pilgrimage to the Holy Land but now stands alongside other similar-sounding names like Tucker and Cooper.
  2. Parker: It started as a name for someone who worked in a park, but Parker is now a unisex name that's actually risen in popularity for boys ever since 2012. Actor Parker Stevenson and football player Parker Hall are just a couple of the great Parker namesakes. 
  3. Patrick: Well known thanks to St. Patrick (the patron saint of Ireland and religious missionary), the name means "nobleman" and "patrician." It was one of the most popular names in the country in the 1960s and still remains a recognized and common name for boys. 
  4. Patton: Influenced most strongly by General George Patton, a U.S. general who served in World War II, the name is immediately connected with power, prestige, and plenty of authority.
  5. Paxton: Taken from the Latin words pax, which means "peace," ton, which means "town," the name has a peaceful quality about it. The "x" usage is also popular these days! Just ask Angelina Jolie, who named her son Pax.

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  6. Payton: You can spell it Payton or Peyton, but the name has several major connotations. Football player Walter Payton is a known namesake, as is Peyton Manning and Payton Jordan. Just take your pick!
  7. Peeta: There's really only one major use of this name, and kids will immediately recognize it. Suzanne Collins used the name for one of her characters in The Hunger Games: Peeta Mellark, played by actor Josh Hutcherson.
  8. Penn: Whether it's thanks to William Penn (who the state of Pennsylvania is named after), actor Penn Badgley, magician Penn Jillete, or actor Sean Penn, there are tons of men throughout the years to have worn the traditional name.
  9. Perry: In Middle English, the name means "dweller by the pear tree," and though it peaked back in the 1880s, it's still a name friends and relatives will easily recognize. 
  10. Peter: The classic name dates all the way back to its Latin and Greek roots. It means "rock" and "stone" in both languages and is even the name of one of the apostles in the Bible,h.
  11. Pharrell: Thanks to "Happy" singer Pharrell Williams, the name has taken on a new level of popularity. It started out as an alternate spelling to Farrell, and certainly has quite the cheery and musical sound.
  12. Philippe: A French take on the classic Phillip, the name means "lover of horses," and actor Ryan Philippe is perhaps the most popular man to have the (last) name.
  13. Phineas: In Hebrew, the name means "the mouth of a snake," and America's Sweetheart, Julia Roberts used the name for her son. Many kids, however, may recognize it as one of the brothers on The Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb.

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  14. Phoenix: Yes, it stands for the mythical bird, but it also means "bright red" in Greek. Actors Joaquin Phoenix and River Phoenix made it famous thanks to their reinvented last name, but with its 'x' and storybook sound, more and more parents are flocking to the name. 
  15. Pierce: Thanks to former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, the name for boys has taken off since 2012. It started as a different form of Peter, but it has since become popular in its own right.
  16. Pierre: Another version of Peter, this French alternative to the name sounds both different, but it's recognizable enough that everyone will get the subtle connection. 
  17. Piers: Yes, it's another take on Peter, and this one has risen in popularity, especially in England. Journalist Piers Morgan and singer Piers Faccini have both appeared in pop culture in recent years. 
  18. Porter: Parents may recognize it as a name for a certain type of beer, but the traditional name started out as a last name and made the move up front. Country singer Porter Wagner and politician Porter Goss have both made the name big. 
  19. Potter: No one will be able to resist the connection to the very famous boy wizard. Thanks to J.K. Rowling's series, Harry Potter, the name will be recognized wherever you go.
  20. Prentice: Cut off the "ap-" from apprentice, and you have this perfect name for boys! It was rocked by football star Prentice Gautt and Tennessee governor Prentice Cooper, and your little man could be next.

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  21. Prescott: The Olde English name means "priest's cottage" and has been a well-recognized last name for generations. Now it's a bonafide first name and the name of a college in Arizona.
  22. Presley: The unisex name has one huge namesake: "The King" Elvis Presley. Cindy Crawford also used the name for her son, although there's little doubt that the famous musician was the inspiration. 
  23. Preston: This Olde English name means "priest's village," and thanks to Grey's Anatomy (and Preston Burke) and Britney Spears (who named her son Sean Preston), the name has skyrocketed in popularity since 2007.
  24. Princeton: Another academic name, Princeton literally means "Prince town." Just Prince works too -- as a nickname or a full name. Fitting for your, well, prince, isn't it?
  25. Puck: Though the name hasn't broken the "most popular names" lists in recent years, Glee character Noah "Puck" Puckerman is one of the most recognized guys to have the name.

Which 'P' name for boys is your favorite?


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