25 Perfect 'P' Names for Baby Girls

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P names for baby girls. They're picture-perfect, aren't they? And they're hot, hot, hot. Names that begin with the letter "P" are officially on trend -- making the sort of comeback not seen since the 1950s, according to baby name expert Laura Wattenberg of Baby Name Wizard.


They evoke images of Old Hollywood but easily fuse with the modern times, so you can bet your little lady's moniker will be prime and pristine if you make a pick with a "P."

But which will it be? From names inspired by folklore to names from country singers, here are some P names you probably won't hear too often on the playground (which makes 'em ripe for the picking)!:

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  1. Pacey: You may know it from Dawson's Creek (the name of Joshua Jackson's character), but the name has become a perfect moniker for the ladies. With Pace for short, the now-unisex name is a stellar choice.
  2. Paige: Taken from the word page, which is the title for a boy attendant, the name is now alongside the likes of Brooke, Chloe, and Madison (think sisters' names, right there!).
  3. Paisley: It may be the name of famous country singer Brad Paisley and the name of a decorative patterned fabric, but Paisley is also one of the fastest-growing first names for girls. It was most popular in 2012, but it's remained a favorite with parents.
  4. Paloma: It means "dove" in Spanish and signifies the Holy Spirit in religious art, but did you know it's also a pretty popular name for the little ladies? Paloma Picasso (the daughter of, yes, Pablo Picasso), Valentina Paloma Pinault (daughter of Salma Hayek), and British singer Paloma Faith are all carriers of the name. 
  5. Paola: It's a variation off the traditional Paula, and the originally Latin name, meaning "small," has been popular among the Latino and Italian communities for generations.

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  6. Paris: Yes, it immediately evokes images of the French city, but did you know that it was Paris, a Trojan prince, who first kidnapped Helen, and started the Trojan War? The name burst onto the scene in the mid-2000s (maybe thanks to Gilmore Girls?), and has held steady ever since. 
  7. Parker: Another unisex name has made the list! It started out as a title for someone who worked in a park, but thanks to Parker Posey, and Parker Overall, the name has made the leap from boys-only, to girls-friendly.
  8. Patricia: The feminine form of Patrick has some seriously regal roots. The name means "nobleman" and "aristocrat," and it reigned atop the popular name charts back in the 1940s. Its popularity has gone down since, but there's no doubt that it's perfectly fit for a little princess.
  9. Pearl: The name was most popular in the 1890s and comes from the gorgeous gem that's found in oysters.
  10. Penelope: Kourtney Kardashian made the classic Greek name popular again when she named her second child Penelope Scotland. And with nicknames like Nellie and Penny, how could you not be in love with the K-lassy name?
  11. Peyton: Thought many may think it's a solely-boys name, Hilarie Burton's character on One Tree Hill helped to make the name entirely unisex. Since then, it's blown up for the ladies, and peaked in popularity in 2009. 
  12. Philippa: The most famous Philippa around? Kate Middleton's sister, no doubt. She goes by Pippa, a perfect nickname. 
  13. Philomena: The Greek name means "strength" and "to love" and is the name of a famous Italian martyr who has had a strong following since the 19th century. Think of Mena, Lola, and Pia as possible nicknames for this moniker.

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  14. Phoebe: Another famous Greek name has made the list. It means "bright" and is the moon personified in Greek poetry. Plus, for any Friends fan, it's the name of the kooky and eccentric character played by Lisa Kudrow. 
  15. Phoenix: It's the capital of Arizona and the symbol of rebirth, and it doubles as a name for boys and girls. Plus, ever since the "x" trend surfaced, the name has grown in popularity.
  16. Picabo: Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street helped to make the fun name famous around the world. Pronounced exactly like "peekaboo," it actually is the name for "shining water" in many Native American tribes. 
  17. Pilar: The oft-used Spanish name has grown in popularity thanks to stars Pilar Montenegro and Pilar Rubio, while Ernest Hemingway helped to bring it to mainstream American culture when he used it as a character's name in For Whom the Bell Tolls. 
  18. Piper: It used to be a name for someone who plays the pipe, but it's become a huge name for the ladies. Piper Palin (daughter of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin), Piper Perabo, and Piper Kerman (author of Orange Is the New Black) are all famous carriers. 
  19. Pixie: It might sound more like a nickname, but don't let that deter you from choosing Pixie. Pixie Lott and Pixie O'Harris both wear it proudly, and there's no doubt the connection to pixie dust and fairies will eventually be made. 
  20. Polly: First we had Mary. Then we had Molly. Then, someone switched out the M for a P, and Polly was created.

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  21. Portia: William Shakespeare used the name in The Merchant of Venice, and it's become big for the ladies. Portia de Rossi (whose birth name was Amanda Lee Rogers) even chose it as her new moniker back in the 1980s. 
  22. Posey: It started out as a version of Josephine, but Posey has changed from being a last name-only, to a perfect name for a little girl. 
  23. Presley: You may immediately think of Elvis Presley, and that means the name will be recognized throughout the world! It's grown in popularity in recent years, and 2012 was its biggest hit to-date. 
  24. Primrose: It's a flower, but many will also recognize it as the name of Katniss Everdeen's sister in The Hunger Games series. 
  25. Priscilla: The name means "ancient" and "primitive" in Latin, and perfectly calls upon Old Hollywood glamour. 

Which 'P' name for girls is your favorite?


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