25 Hip Names for Baby Boys Starting With an 'H'

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Whether they're handsome or hilarious, 'H' names for boys tend to be highly popular. Including the traditional Howard and the more modern Hudson, these baby monikers are always topping most famous lists.


Settled on "H" as the first initial for your little guy? Now it's time to pick the rest of the letters!

Take a look at these 25 best 'H' names for your handsome little man, and consider adding these to your burgeoning baby name list now:

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  1. Hansel: He's a character in Hansel and Gretel and in Zoolander, so Hansel will be a familiar name for your little guy. Consider Ansel as a nickname, just like actor Ansel Elgort. 
  2. Hanson: The German last name means "son of Hans," and the Hanson Brothers helped make it famous in the 1990s. There's no doubt your little man would fit right in with the musical group. 
  3. Harding: Inspired by the 29th president of the United States, Warren G. Harding, the name has a strong and masculine feel and follows the trend of last-name-turned-first-name we've seen in recent years. 
  4. Hardy: Though it could be a nickname for Harding, Hardy is a name in its own right. The English last name means "brave and hard" and is a popular name thanks to actor Oliver Hardy, the famous Hardy Boys, and even fashion designer Ed Hardy. 
  5. Harley: The unisex name immediately evokes images of rumbling and strong Harley-Davidson motorcycles and is even a character in the Iron Man series.

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  6. Harper: Another unisex name that has taken off for ladies in recent years, Harper means "harp player," and it has traditionally been a popular boys name. American novelist Harper Lee even used the name to have a more masculine feel when she was first being published.
  7. Harrison: This presidential name takes its influence from William Henry Harrison, the ninth president of the United States, and his grandson, Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president. 
  8. Hartley: With Hart for short, the name means "hart clearing," or a place where deer would stand in a forest. 
  9. Hawthorne: The last name of author Nathaniel Hawthorne, this first name can also be linked to a character from Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, and it is a popular place name throughout the English-speaking world. 
  10. Hayden: In Olde English, the name means "hay, valley, hill, and hedge," and actor Hayden Christensen made it popular for boys, while actress Hayden Panettiere helped to bring it over to the ladies.
  11. Heath: The Middle English name originally means "a moor," and while it's a shortened version of Heathcliff (see below), more parents have begun to use the name as a stand-alone moniker for boys. 
  12. Heathcliff: A fan of Heathcliff Earnshaw from Wuthering Heights? It's a little old-school, but it's becoming more and more popular for the younger generation. 
  13. Henry: The original French name (Henri) means "ruler" in several different languages. Since the 17th century, Henry has been used as a nickname, and plenty of famous men have used it: Henry David Thoreau, Henry Ford, Henry Cavill, Prince Harry, and King Henry I through the VIII of England.

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  14. Hogan: The Irish name originally means "young" and has been used by famous reality TV wrestler Hulk Hogan.
  15. Holden: The name first took off thanks to J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, has grown in popularity in recent years. Its biggest year-to-date has been 2012, and it has continued rise. 
  16. Houston: The place name literally means "town on a hill," but it's most famously known as one of the biggest cities in Texas, and the country. 
  17. Howard: The classic and traditional name has been around for generations and reached it highest level of popularity back in the 1910s. It's believed to mean "heart and brave" in German, and you can even go with Howie for a nickname. 
  18. Huck: In full, it can be Huckleberry, but Huck is a great short alternative, and anyone will immediately recognize it as the main character in Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer
  19. Hudson: As trends show, last names make for very popular first names, and Hudson follows in the movement. Famed explorer Henry Hudson (who doubled up on this list!) is a namesake, as is the Hudson River in New York.
  20. Hugh: The German name means "heart, mind, and spirit," and in the past several years, we've seen plenty of famous Hughs take the scene. Hugh Laurie, Hugh Grant, and Hugh Jackman are just a few.

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  21. Hugo: Though it has the same origin as Hugh, Hugo as a more international feel, as embodied by Hugo Chavez, Victor Hugo, and Hugo Boss. 
  22. Humphrey: The name means "peaceful warrior," and though it peaked in popularity in the 1880s, actor Humphrey Bogart made it famous again in the 1940s.
  23. Hunter: By definition, the name means "one who hunts, huntsman," and has become one of the most popular names for boys since 2005. Writer Hunter S. Thompson, actor Hunter Parrish, and country singer Hunter Hayes have all been popular Hunters in the past several years. 
  24. Huxley: The name means "Hugh's meadow" in Olde English, and it has been a famous British last name for years. From famous biologist Julian Huxley to Nobel Laureate Andrew Huxley, the name has been hip across the pond for decades. 
  25. Hyde: It started out as a alternative to the last name Hide, and was made big as being the evil alter ego of the otherwise good Dr. Jekyll. 

Which 'H' name for boys is your favorite?


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