15 Outrageously Inappropriate Gender Reveal Cakes

Image via bmdex/Instagram

1Take a Look

That mustache sure looks like something slipped out of that diaper, doesn't it?

Image via omgcupcakefactory/Instagram

2Just... Why?

No one wants to think of baby's "stick." Or lack thereof.

Image via jlo_becomes_jha/Instagram

3All Legs

What happened to the rest of the baby?!

Image via allascustomcuteness/Instagram

5The Great Debate

Maybe now's not the time to start a conversation about the Second Amendment?

Image via rachellexoxomarie/Instagram

6Again With This One

Does anyone put a gun in a baby's hand? We hope not.

Image vie heathercastello/Instagram


But won't you have to cut through the baby to see?

Image via idreamofjeaniecakes/Instagram

8Just One?

They tried to go for the combo, but it seems like they just stopped a little short.

Image via aliwils0n/Insta

10Just a Different Take

Same idea, different execution, still strange.

Image via cake_memories/Instagram

11Hold On...

We see what you're doing here, but what does grandma think?

Image via mandiholliday/Instagram

12Why Is This a Thing?

Again, the question remains: How did people react to this?

Image via backwoodsblessed/Instagram

14Poor Bambi...

What if this baby ran into the Rifle or Pistol baby? Bad news.

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