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15 Outrageously Inappropriate Gender Reveal Cakes

Pregnancy Suzee Skwiot May 26, 2015

weird gender reveal cakes

Ah, gender reveal parties. They're either adorably exciting or just another celebration that families and friends are forced to attend before baby's actual arrival. Just like with any other major family celebration, the cake is the focal point. And it can be so great, or so, so wrong. How wrong, one might ask? These crazy weird gender reveal cakes prove how easy it is for an idea to go from clever to creepy with a simple call placed to the bakery.

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Is everyone in the family dying to know if it's a baby boy or baby girl on the way? Maybe there's even a betting pool going with some pretty good winnings a stake. Want to surprise the whole family with a baby gender reveal? Go ahead! It's a cute idea to have blue or pink balloons inside a box, ready to be released for all to see, or even to do something overly elaborate. A decent gender reveal party, however, doesn't have to get too complicated, and it absolutely doesn't have to get too weird. 

In fact, here are some good rules to follow when getting a gender reveal cake -- don't decorate it with guns, weird baby feet, or an oddly sexualized, cringeworthy slogan. One would think this would be obvious, but, well ... Take a look at these 15 bizarre gender reveal cakes that parents have ordered and served to their real friends and families. 

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Image via bmdex/Instagram

1Take a Look

That mustache sure looks like something slipped out of that diaper, doesn't it?

Image via omgcupcakefactory/Instagram

2Just... Why?

No one wants to think of baby's "stick." Or lack thereof.

Image via jlo_becomes_jha/Instagram

3All Legs

What happened to the rest of the baby?!

Image via allascustomcuteness/Instagram

5The Great Debate

Maybe now's not the time to start a conversation about the Second Amendment?

Image via rachellexoxomarie/Instagram

6Again With This One

Does anyone put a gun in a baby's hand? We hope not.

Image vie heathercastello/Instagram


But won't you have to cut through the baby to see?

Image via idreamofjeaniecakes/Instagram

8Just One?

They tried to go for the combo, but it seems like they just stopped a little short.

Image via aliwils0n/Insta

10Just a Different Take

Same idea, different execution, still strange.

Image via cake_memories/Instagram

11Hold On...

We see what you're doing here, but what does grandma think?

Image via mandiholliday/Instagram

12Why Is This a Thing?

Again, the question remains: How did people react to this?

Image via backwoodsblessed/Instagram

14Poor Bambi...

What if this baby ran into the Rifle or Pistol baby? Bad news.

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