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16 Sweet Ways to Get Big Siblings-To-Be in on Your Pregnancy Reveal

Pregnancy Caroline Olney May 25, 2015

Sharing your pregnancy is such a special time for the family, and if you already have little kids running around, chances are they're not going to be able to resist joining in on the fun. But that's not a bad thing, because including big siblings in baby announcements automatically makes them 20 times more adorable. It's just math.

There are a million ways to include older kids in your pregnancy reveal, but we rounded up our favorites if you need a little inspiration before you get brainstorming. 

Which announcement is your favorite?


Image via Ashley Ann Photography

Image via Ariana Falerni/Becoming Mom


Balloons are a pregnancy announcement staple, but having big siblings pose with them adds a little twist to the tried-and-true style. This charmer belongs to Ariana from Ariana Falerni Photography, and we love the pure excitement in his face.

Image via 7x7xMommy

2Adding to the Team

Sure, siblings fight, but at the end of the day they're all a team, right? Ali from 7x7xMommy played off this idea for her second pregnancy announcement and created this adorable collage with her oldest daughter.

Image via WhatchawantDesigns/Etsy

3For now ...

Maybe you can't compare it to being a dentist, but being a big sister is pretty awesome by itself. This sweet sign came from Whatchawant Designs on Etsy, and you can grab yourself a version for $40.

Image via Imgur.com

5Eviction Notice

Well, they can't stay in the crib forever ... as much as they want to. This funny announcement is a classic way to include big siblings in the news!

6Saving a Chair for You

Ashley from Ashley Ann Photography put all her kids to good use with this one -- the idea that big siblings are just saving a place for the little ones is perfect for big families.

7Baby #2

The chalkboard is the perfect way to share big family news, and paired with a killer smile like this big-brother-to-be has, it's impossible to go wrong. Kristen from The Windle Family used this announcement for her second child, and we love everything about it.

9Paint it out

Creative kiddos will love this opportunity to paint out their feelings on being a big sibling ... not to mention the adorable photos you'll get out of it. Brianna from Brianna Record Photography came up with this gem of an idea!

10Double Trouble

As if one new sibling isn't enough, imagine getting surprised with two! Amy from Little3RingCircus's first son has that expression down just about perfect.

Image via Annie Helen

11Someone's Getting a Promotion!

That must have been really good behavior because Annie from Annie Helen Photography's son got lucky enough to score a little sibling. Posing him with a book is a genius way to share the big news!

Image via MMasonDesigns/Etsy

13Sidekick on the Way

Well, every hero DOES need a sidekick! As long as you have a toddler with great balance, this pose is a fun way to tell the news. You can even buy the chalkboard all made up on Etsy for $10.

Image via © iStock.com/sampsyseeds


14And Then There Were ...

A cute way to play off the children's nursery rhyme ... take a photo of with your current number of kids and add a sign that reads "And Then There Were ... "

Image via © iStock.com/Mixmike

15In the Tummy

What does Mommy have in there? Not just juice!

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