20 Gender Reveal Cakes Almost Too Extraordinary to Eat (PHOTOS)

gender reveal cake

Whether or not you chose to find out your baby's sex before birth, no one can deny that gender reveal parties are the new big thing for expecting moms. After the artfully shot and professionally styled pregnancy announcement comes the big party, and, of course, the gender reveal cake.


Forget the boring and simple half pink, half blue cakes. No way. Parents these days are pulling out the edible glitter, the shimmering fondant, and the carefully crafted figurines for the big moment when they tell the world (and often find out themselves) if it will be a boy ... or a girl.

And we've found the wildest and most impressive ones on the Internet. Ready to take a look? Check out these crazy gender reveal cakes.

Gorgeous Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

#12 is seriously intense. Would you ever do a cake like that?



Image via jennamalloy/Instagram

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