Hello, Nutella! 19 Baby Names Parents Took From Brands & Corporations

In the past decade or so, more and more parents have been leaving the Jennifers and Jims behind in favor of more ... shall we say original? names for their babies. In some cases, this is great. No more being one of 12 kids with the same name in your kindergarten class. In other cases, parents are looking to their favorite companies and brands for name inspiration, and we end up with kids named Dasani and ESPN roaming around the playground.


How hooked on brands are today's moms and dads? Here are 19 companies or products that, well, must be really popular, because they have a bunch of kids named after them.

  1. Armani: Every year, hundreds of babies (usually boys) are named Armani after the fashion house. It was most popular in 2012, but the name hovers around the 500 mark on the popularity ranks.

  2. Aston: The Kardashians are famous for their unusual baby names (North West, anyone?) and who could forget when Kourtney gave her third child the middle name Aston after his daddy's favorite luxury car brand?

  3. Canon: Yep, that's Canon as in the camera company because some people feel really strongly about the Canon vs. Nikon debate ... enough to name their child after the item they'll shove in his face for the next 18 years or so. Say cheese!

  4. Chevy: Chevy is actually a fairly popular baby name (Chevy Chase, anyone?) but there's really no separating it from the American car company. Sorry, kids.

  5. Dasani: Sure, it's a nice name that could be shortened to Dani, but c'mon, guys. You're still naming your daughter after a brand of water.

  6. Del Monte: In the past 30 or so years, more than seven boys have been named Del Monte -- as in the canned food company. It might not sound like a lot, but seven is definitely too many.

  7. Espn: At least three children in the United States are named Espn ... but they pronounce it "Eh-spen" instead of "Entertainment and Sports Programming Network." Thank goodness.

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  8. Evian: Most years, there are a handful of babies born with the name Evian after the brand of mineral water -- it peaked in 2000 when 17 babies were given this peaceful name.

  9. Facebook: A man in Egypt named his daughter Facebook in 2011, allegedly to honor the website's role in the Egyptian revolution. Do you think people, cough, like her?

  10. Google: In 2005 a Swedish couple bestowed their newborn son with the middle name Google. The company responded to the news on their blog saying, "We wish him a long life and good health, and hope his schoolmates aren't too hard on him."

  11. Hilton: Hilton actually hits the ranks most years, and it's probably safe to assume most moms aren't thinking of the hotel chain when they choose this one. Then again, maybe they are.

  12. Ikea: Little Ikea Dagless was born in the U.K. in 2002. Her mom said she was inspired by the name when flipping through an Ikea advertisement.

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  13. Lexus: For a while, Lexus was actually a fairly popular name for baby girls -- it peaked in 2000 when 360 girls were given the automobile name. Yikes.

  14. L'Oreal: It wouldn't be fair to say this name is common, but every year there are a few babies named L'Oreal. How many of them, would you guess, have the middle name Paris?

  15. Nutella: Sad (so, so sad) but true -- parents in France named their daughter Nutella and she wore it proudly ... until a judge legally changed it to Ella so little Nutella wouldn't be teased for being named for some chocolatey hazelnut goodness.

  16. Sephora: This French cosmetics company does have a pretty name, but girls named Sephora probably feel some unrealistic beauty standards.

  17. Siri: This one deserves a big sigh, because Siri isn't nearly as unusual as you'd hope it'd be for girls. 

  18. Vista: No, no one really uses Windows' Vista operating system anymore, but there is one little 8-year-old running around wearing Vista as a name.

  19. Wrigley: One little boy growing up in Indiana is named Wrigley, and get this: his last name is Fields. Yup. Wrigley Fields shares a name with the famous baseball stadium AND a pack of bubble gum.

Would you ever consider any of these names for your baby? 


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