Woman Shares Way Too Many Intimate Details in Her Pregnancy Announcement

When Ole Miss beat Alabama in October 2014, fans rightfully celebrated. It was the Rebels' first win over the Crimson Tide since 11 years ago. But one mom is revealing what really went down on this historic night. Through her pregnancy announcement, you can see what actually happens when Ole Miss beats Bama.


That's right. In case you can't tell where this is going, the mom-to-be showed off her baby bump, and it's all thanks to that game.

We guess die-hard fan Heather Callihan will remember that night for more than just her favorite team taking home the W.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement has gone viral. It's cheeky and funny, so it's not shocking that people are appreciating its candor.

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But is it inspiring other parents-to-be to follow suit? Let's hope not. Mom is evidently hilarious, and that's very appreciated, but knowing exactly when baby was conceived is just a little too much information. List of things most people don't want to know: when and why a baby was conceived.

It's no secret that they couple is huge fans of Ole Miss -- hey, their baby is proof -- but let's hope it's not a new pregnancy announcement trend.

Do you think this announcement is funny?


Image via HottyToddyNews.com/Twitter

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