Woman Is So Excited She's Going to Be a Grandma That She Pees Her Pants (VIDEO)

There aren't many things that can make us smile bigger than an adorable pregnancy announcement -- especially when it's met with an over-the-top reaction by spectators caught on tape. Like this video, when a confused mom of a young married couple can't figure out why someone was toasting a bun in her kitchen oven.


She went to put a tray of something in her oven, and was annoyed to find that someone had set a bread bun on her oven rack. "Who's toasting bread?" She demanded. "What is that? Somebody's bun."

It takes her a minute, and a little help from her off-camera daughter, but she realizes what it means, her reaction is perfect!

"Why would there be a bun in the oven?" the mom-to-be asked, to which she replied, "Not the bun in the oven I want. I want my daughter to have a bun in the oven!"

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When the giggle starts by the pranksters, it clicks and she screams, "Are you kidding me!!" She is doubled over with joy and excitement, and keeps it totally real by announcing, "I peed my pants right now!"

Clearly, she is going to be one awesome and doting grandma.

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Image via America's Funniest Home Videos/YouTube

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