'We've Adopted' -- 10 Cool Ways to Introduce Your New Addition to the Family

Judy Dutton | May 1, 2015 Pregnancy

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Adopting a child is a momentous event -- which is why many adoptive parents want to announce their new addition to friends and family in a memorable way. Only how do you do it? After all, many of the more traditional "we're having a baby" announcements -- i.e., showing an ultrasound or a warm-and-fuzzy photo of your sleeping newborn -- may not be logistically possible. Not to mention the Internet is chock-a-block with over-the-top announcements.

If you're adopting and crave a creative way to introduce this new family member, look no further than this list of adoption announcement ideas. From incorporating globes to folding chairs to a few choices phrases, they drive home just how easy (and fun!) it can be to spread the news with panache.

Fun ways to announce adoption

Doesn't #4 make you melt?


Image via The Kellys' Productions

  • Not-so-little Newborn


    You know how parents often take those traditional serene photos of newborns sleeping ... or of their feet? Well, when photographer Kelli Higgins adopted 13-year-old Tyrell, she decided to do a parody of these pics to introduce friends to her new family member, announcing, "Here's my sweet not so little Newborn! His name is Latrell and weighs 112lbs." The results were so clever, the announcement was shared on Facebook more than 5,700 times.

  • Global Awareness


    A globe is a great way to convey your adoptive child's origins -- which is why this family decided to "hug" the native country of their new arrival, Ethiopia.

  • Worth the Wait


    Image via babybaloo/Etsy

    Since adoptions can take forever to come through, an announcement saying "worth the wait!" drives home just how much time and effort you spent on this challenge ... and how happy you are that you did. $16.75 for a personalized digital design you can distribute online and print at home, babybaloo/Etsy

  • Crack Me


    Image via LittleElephantCrafts/Etsy

    Given globes are a great way to announce an adoption from overseas, these "crack me" globes are the perfect surprise for friends and family members to find in the mail. Inside, you can custom-write a note with more details on the big news. $10 @ LittleElephantCrafts/Etsy

  • Special Delivery


    To drive home that this baby was truly "delivered" to you rather than, um, home grown, drive home that "special delivery" theme with a few boxes and shipping labels. Isn't that sweet?

  • Missing Piece of the Puzzle


    Image via Grey Grey Designs

    Many families feel that an adoption "completes" their family like a puzzle piece ... which is why an announcement about how you've "found your missing piece" is a perfect fit. Grey Grey Designs also offers tips on how to carry this theme through to an adoptive baby shower, too.

  • Growing In My Heart


    Image via S+L

    Adopted babies may not grow in moms' belly, but they do grow in our hearts -- which is why one mom decided to play off this idea in her adoption announcement photos.

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  • Family Not Defined By Genes


    Image via BestDesignShop/Etsy

    Who cares if your adoptee doesn't share your hair, eye color, or family nose? That's the point of this adoption announcement, which makes clear that a family is built on love, not biology. $6.83 for a personalized digital design you can distribute online and print at home, babybaloo/Etsy

  • We Saved You a Seat!


    Adoption is often a waiting game -- which is why this couple decided to illustrate that point with an empty seat.

  • A Sweet Homecoming


    Image via PrettyPaperInk/Etsy

    There's no more natural way to convey that your adopted child has arrived than a simple "she's home!" with her photo (a map showing her native country is a nice plus). $10 for a personalized digital design you can distribute online and print at home, babybaloo/Etsy

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