25 Fabulous Names for Baby Boys That Begin With an 'F'

cute baby boyFrom the famous to the fashionable, 'F' names for boys are anything but a fail. They're trendy and some are traditional, but they often leave plenty of nicknames you can use for you little fella.


Take a look at these 'F' names for boys, and consider adding a few to your potential son's name list:

  1. Fabian: Though the name is taken from the same Latin name, it's actually an old Roman name that started as Fabius. In Latin, it means "bean" and has been a popular name in pop culture. Shakespeare used the name for a character in Twelfth Night and J.K. Rowling used it in the Harry Potter novels. 
  2. Falcon: It's a little "out there," but it's tough. Just imagine the first day of school. All the kids, and teachers, will be impressed with your little Falcon. 
  3. Farley: The Olde English last name means "fern cleaning," but also has another Gaelic translation: "brave man." Sounds great for a little man!
  4. Farrell: Funny man Will Farrell (spelled a little differently) has made the name popular in the mainstream, so if you're looking to have a class clown and hilarious little dude, this might be the way to go. The 'a' spelling, however, is the more traditional route, and is a more commonly-known last name.
  5. Felipe: The Greek name has several spelling variations (Philipp, Phillip, and Philippe are all options), and it means "lover of horses."

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  6. Felix: Taken from the Latin felix, it means "happy and lucky," and was the name of one of four early popes in the Catholic religion. It's also become more popular in recent years thanks to the increased use of the letter 'x' in boys' names.
  7. Fenton: An original Olde English last name that means "marsh town," it is most known as one of the names of the characters in the Hardy boys. 
  8. Fillmore: Little Fillmore's older siblings will immediately know the name. The big green Cars character is the most recent and known namesake, so there'll be plenty of references to the Pixar movie.
  9. Finch: It started as a nickname for people who caught finches (a small bird), but Peter Finch has made the name popular, as well as one of the main characters in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch.
  10. Finley: The unisex name is an Anglicized version of Fionnlagh and means "white and fair" and "warrior," so it has come to mean "fair-haired warrior." Finlay is also an alternate option if you're looking to mix it up. 
  11. Finnegan: With Finn for short, the name means "little fair one" and has been one of the most popular names since 2011. Hip parents are taking to the trendy name, mostly for its spelling: the -n ending is a huge draw. 
  12. Finnick: As one of the main characters in The Hunger Games series, Finnick Odair is a determined fighter and a ferociously loyal friend. Those are all great qualities to have in a namesake.
  13. Fisher: Though, like many other boys' names, Fisher started as a last name that means "one who fishes," it's become another standalone first name in recent years.

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  14. Fitzgerald: It stems from the Irish origin and means "son of Gerald," but it has some major influences. From F. Scott Fitzgerald to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, there are tons of powerful Fitzes!
  15. Fletcher: Meaning "arrow maker" in Old French, the name takes its root from fletch, which means "an arrow." It started as a name for someone who makes arrows, but with a brother named Archer, they'd make a great duo. 
  16. Floyd: An alternative to the Welsh Lloyd, which means "grey," the name first started as a mispronunciation of Lloyd. 
  17. Ford: Former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert named her son Fordham Rhys, but the shortened version of the name is still the most popular. A ford is an actual shallow place in a river, so many other names have a ford within them. Just think: Crawford and Stanford.
  18. Francis: Taken from the Italian Francesco, the name means "a freeman," and it's a different taken on Frank. Francis Ford Coppola, Francis Bacon, and Pope Francis are all famous carriers of the name. 
  19. Franco: The Venezuelan singer Franco de Vita is a Latin Grammy award winner, and Franco Sarto is a famous shoe maker, while James Franco has the name as a last name. 
  20. Franklin: Also defined as "freeman," Franklin D. Roosevelt and Franklin Pierce are two former American presidents who have made the name famous to the public.

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  21. Franz: A German version of Francis, the name is pronounced "fra-hnts," and indie rock band Franz Ferdinand has made it famous throughout the world. 
  22. Frazier: Spelled either Frazier or Frasier, the name was most famous and popular in the 1900s, when it received a little boost thanks to Kelsey Grammar's character, Frasier Crane. 
  23. Frederick: Taken from the German Fridurih, the name means "rules of peace," and has Erick, Fred, Freddie, Fritz (see below), and Red as nicknames. 
  24. Fritz: This shortened version of the German Frederick is also often used as a standalone first name for little boys. It was most popular in America in the 1880, but it has remained one of the most famous names in Europe for generations. 
  25. Fulton: The original last name means "bird-catcher's town," and it was biggest in the early 20th century. Since then, it hasn't been as common, but that makes it perfect for a little hipster dude. 

Which 'F' boys' name is your favorite?

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