17 'Baby Brain Made Me Do It' Moments From Moms-To-Be

pregnant woman freaking outOnce you're pregnant, be warned: Your once competent, steel-trap mind may start to lose its grip even on the simplest things, from where you've put your keys to how to tie your shoes. This forgetful fog is known as "baby brain," and while science is divided on the cause or even whether it's real, just about every pregnant woman seems to have a moment where they'd clearly lost their marbles ... and were mortified.


Never fear, gals -- no matter how ditzy you feel you've become, you're hardly alone. Check out these stories from women on their worst baby brain moments for a laugh and proof you've got plenty of company:

  1. "During my first trimeste,r my husband and I went to a restaurant for dinner. They asked what I would like on the side with my burger. One of the options was potato chips. Baby brain asked, 'what are potato chips?'"
  2. "During my second trimester, I literally stood in front of the stove watching my grilled cheese sandwich burning because I didn't flip it. It took a minute to put together that the smell and smoke were a bad thing."
  3. "At one point during my second pregnancy, I dropped my daughter off at daycare then drove off. Then at some point I looked in the rear-view mirror and nearly lost my mind when I saw she wasn't in the back seat. It took me a full three seconds before I realized what an idiot I was!"
  4. "I stood outside the front door of my house pushing the remote lock for my car for a good five minutes trying to open the door."
  5. "I went to work wearing slippers. Then two days later, I got in the car and realized I was still wearing my pajama pants instead of work pants."
  6. "I lived in a condo that required me to walk through a hallway of other conjoining condos. One morning I took the dog outside, then brought the dog into the hallway leading to my door, took his leash off, opened my door and forgot he was with me, closed the door in front of him. I went back to bed. Two hours later, my doorbell rang. It was the neighbor on behalf of my dog who was stuck in the hallway! NEVER even occurred to me that the dog wasn't in bed with me, which he always is. Poor Nibbles."
  7. "One time during my pregnancy I ended up leaving my glasses on my head the whole day, and asked my husband where my glasses went to. He pointed and laughed."

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  8. "During my second trimester, I was washing my laundry. I even separated the whites from the colors and still somehow managed to put in an entire magazine in the wash! I discovered my destroyed Cosmo magazine afterwards."
  9. "When I was pregnant with my daughter, we had some friends over. My husband and I had been on a holiday (before the pregnancy) and had gone on the sling shot ride. We had an awesome video of it. Well, we showed our guests the video. When it finished for some stupid pregnant brain reason, I pushed rewind and then record! I recorded This Is Your Life."
  10. "I called my husband to ask him what he wanted for dinner ... and this was after I just got off the phone with him for that very reason. "
  11. "When I was six months pregnant, I was doing laundry, and set my phone in the laundry basket. And then dumped everything into the washer... including my phone... digging through bleach water to find my phone was awesome."
  12. "I was sorting away my laundry, and somehow the socks ended up in the freezer!"
  13. "When I was eight months pregnant, taking out the trash with my keys in the same hand as the trash bag, I threw them both in the dumpster. My husband had to climb in and fetch them for me."
  14. "I used to drive across town and forget why or where I was going and have to go back home until I remembered."
  15. "I was putting away groceries one day and ended up putting my keys in the freezer. It took me three days to find them."
  16. "I went grocery shopping, paid, and walked out without my groceries."
  17. "When I was pregnant with my third, I recycled one of my tennis shoes. I was ushering my other kids into the house and kicked off my shoes. I heard one of them go into the recycling bin but didn't really think of it then, just that I would get it out later. I forgot and put out the recycling the next day. Went to put my shoes on a few days later and totally couldn't find one. Yup, they were almost brand new too!"

What's your worst "baby brain" moment while pregnant?


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