25 Timeless Baby Girl Names Starting With a ‘T’

If you're looking at "T" names for girls, you'll have your pick of names both timeless and trendy. The choices range from Biblical to basically made up, but they're all beautiful and more varied in sound than you might imagine.


Take a look and take your pick:

  1. Tabitha: Tabitha has been around since Biblical times, but it's only been widely used since the mid-1950s. It's a beautiful, soft-sounding name with an old-fashioned ring to it, but Tabby makes for a fun and modern nickname.
  2. Talia: There are countless ways to spell Talia, but its basic form has been gaining popularity for the past few decades. It's a tough-as-nails name, but one that doesn't lose touch with its feminine side.
  3. TallisThis name comes from Thomas Tallis, an early English composer, which gives it a musical ring. It's stands well without that, though, and we love the tall and strong sound it has.
  4. Tamora: A cousin to the name Tamara, Tamora was worn by one of the earliest and most loved young adult fantasy authors, Tamora Pierce. It was also used by Shakespeare for a queen in his play Titus Andronicus
  5. Tamsin: The name Tamsin is actually a distant cousin of Thomas, and it's much more popular in the U.K. and Australia than it is here -- actresses Tamsin Egerton and Tamsin Greig are proof.
  6. Tanya: Tanya had a spike in popularity in the 1960s, but it (in all of it's different versions) has never really gone out of style.

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  7. Taryn: Taryn shares sounds with classics like Sharon and Karen, but the T and the Y give this name an updated twist. It comes from the Welsh word for "thunder," which gives a dangerous twist to this otherwise sweet-sounding name.
  8. TatianaThough it's an old name, Tatiana has seen a resurgence in the past few decades. It has a sweet and bubbly sound to it, and it is a name fit for royalty: Tatiana Constantinovna was a famous Russian princess in the 19th century. 
  9. Tatum: Though its biggest Hollywood association these days is Channing Tatum, Tatum O'Neal has been a famous actress since 1973 when she broke records by becaming the youngest person to ever with an Academy Award.
  10. Tegan: The name Tegan has seen a sharp spike in popularity in just the past couple of years, and that probably has something to do with the success of indie-rock twins Tegan and Sara.
  11. Tennessee: Tennessee was popular very early in the 20th century, and though it was most famously worn by Tennessee Williams, it's actually historically more popular for girls. It sounds as Southern as the state, and Tenna and Tessie are both great nicknames.
  12. Terra: Terra is a Latin word that means "Earth" or "land," so it's instantly associated with the best parts of nature. It could also be considered a variation of the name Tara, even though their sounds are very slightly different.

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  13. TessaThough it was originally used as a shortened form of Theresa, Tessa is common as it's own name these days. It keeps the same sounds as Theresa but with a modern and updated twist, making it an easy choice.
  14. Teva: Another Earthy name, Teva means "nature" in Hebrew. It's a beautiful name with a simple sound, and many brands took notice -- the biggest Teva company is famous for its sandals.
  15. Thais: Thais is a very old name that has a soft and almost regal sound to it. There's a famous novel and opera by the same name, both of which are about a Saint Thais who lived in Egypt, probably sometime around the 3rd century. 
  16. ThedaTheda was a popular name for girls in the very early 1900s, but hasn't had much attention since. But it deserves more credit -- it comes from the Greek word for "healer," which makes the meaning as soft and sturdy as the name itself.
  17. TheodoraTheodora is the feminine version of the name Theodore, and it comes from the Greek words for "God's gift." It also comes with adorable nicknames like Theo and Dora, which make this an easy choice.
  18. Thisbe: Thisbe is one of the star-crossed lovers in the original Greek myth that most likely inspired Romeo and Juliet. It's also the name of an American author, which adds to this name's scholarly edge.

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  19. TianaOne of the more recent Disney princesses, Princess Tiana gives this name a touch of regality that it deserves ... after all, it's not far off from the word "tiara."
  20. Tierney: Tierney is still a very rare name, but it has all the right elements that'll make it a big hit ... it's just waiting for the right moment.
  21. TildaThough it was originally used as a shortened version of Mathilda, Tilda stands on it's own these days. But it still keeps the meaning of Mathilda, which is good because "powerful in battle" is not a name meaning we ever want to see lost to history.
  22. Tinley: Tinley has shot up in popularity just in the past year or so, and with reason: It has the same cute sounds as other favorites like Quinn and Brinley.
  23. Trenna: Trenna has the same bouncy and energetic sound as its more popular cousins Brenna and Jenna, which means it could have the same upward trajectory.
  24. Trillium: A trillium is a gorgeous, three petal lily, and it's the state flower of Ohio. It's also a beautiful name for girls, and one that only has the purest of meanings.
  25. Tyra: Tyra has a simple and very elegant sound to it, and of course it's instantly associated with Tyra Banks, TV hostess extraordinaire. 

Is your favorite "T" name on the list?

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