16 Things Never to Say to a Mom Planning a C-Section

pregnant woman covering her earsRemember that brief, weird trend when moms-to-be scheduled C-sections for convenience's sake? Some were trying to fit the act of childbirth into their super-busy work schedules. Others didn't want vaginal birth to ruin their figure. Luckily, we're past all that. But what hasn't gone away? The cringe-inducing stereotypes and insensitive comments about moms who are planning a Cesarean birth.


Today, most moms get scheduled for a C-section because it's medically necessary. Read: if they don't get it, there's a risk they or their baby will die. In fact, one survey of moms women who gave birth in hospitals from mid-2011 to mid-2012 found just 1 percent of moms having their first C-section reported having planned cesarean with the understanding that there was no medical reason for it. That means the rest of the moms had a medical need to go with an operating room birth.

But considering the comments these mamas get, you'd think they just announced they were on their way to go get their vagina be-dazzled.

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Here, a quick primer in what NOT to say to a mom who's expecting a C-section. (What you can say instead: "Congratulations! I hope all goes well!")

1. So you're taking the easy way out, eh? Um, since when is major abdominal surgery easy?

2. Don't you want to try? Try to have a healthy baby? Yes!

3. But you'll miss out on the experience of childbirth! Nope, I'm pretty sure a baby is still going to be born.

4. Why aren't you doing natural childbirth? Oh, I don't know ... Because my baby is over 9 lbs/breech/I'm in danger of dying if I try/it's none of your business?

5. Aw, I'm sorry. Um, because you're not being very supportive?

6. You do know how dangerous C-sections are, right? Well, if I didn't, I bet you're about to tell me.

7. Natural childbirth isn't that hard. Who says it's a contest?

8. You must be terrified! I wasn't until now.

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9. My third cousin/neighbor/kid's teacher had a C-section and she couldn't walk for like, a week afterwards. Um, thanks for sharing?

10. At least your vagina will look great afterwards! I'll let you know, I promise.

11. Can you still change your mind? If I wanted to, but I don't.

12. Don't worry, you're still going to be a good mom. Thanks... I think?

13. Isn't there anything else you can do? Like magically will this baby out of me?

14. C-sections are so hard on the baby. And this conversation is tough on me!

15. But women's bodies are made for giving birth! I guess mine isn't.

16. Ugh! What about the scar? It will remind me of the amazing moment I gave birth to my child.

What else should you never say to a mom planning a C-section?


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