25 Fantastic 'F' Names for Baby Girls

When it comes to naming a baby, sometimes picking the first initial can be a big help in narrowing down what to pick. If you've settled on the sixth letter of the alphabet for your baby girl, you're in luck! These 'F' names for girls are all the rage for the fantastic ladies.


From the traditional to the new and trendy, these names have topped popular name charts for years. They're a little floral, totally fierce, and definitely fantastic.

Take a look at these 25 'F' names for little girls:

  1. Fabiana: The traditionally Spanish name has become one of the most popular baby names for girls in both Brazil and Argentina, but it's still not used often here in the US. So why not pick it for your little girl? From Fabiana Vallejos to Fabiana Tambosi, the name has some pretty famous and especially sporty namesakes.
  2. Faith: The originally Latin word means "confidence in belief," and is what we know faith to mean now, but it's been one of the most popular 'F' names ever. It's more often used as a middle name, but from Faith Hill and Faith Daniels, it's been loved as a first name too. 
  3. Fantine: You may recognize it most as a character from Victor Hugo's novel Les Miserables, but the name actually means "child" in Latin.
  4. Farrah: Multiple languages and cultures have their own definition of the name, but one thing is consistent: It's all joyous. In Gaelic, it means "pleasant," in Persian, it means "glory," and in Arabic, it means "joy." 
  5. Farrow: Mia Farrow may be the most famous Farrow. The name is pronounced the same way as pharaoh, so it naturally exudes leadership and power.

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  6. Fatima: Taken from the Arabic fatima, it means "she who abstains from forbidden things" and "she who weans an infant." It was originally the name of the Prophet's youngest and favored daughter. 
  7. February: It's less popular than April or May or June, but February is another bona fide month baby name that can work for any little lady.
  8. Felicity: Rooted in the Latin felicitas, which means "happiness," the name has grown to also mean "good fortune." It's been popularized by actresses Felicity Huffman and Felicity Jones, and the popular 1990s show, Felicity
  9. Felipa: A different version of Philippa (of Kate Middleton's sister's fame), it has Pippa as a nickname. Parents have used Lipa and Fe as nicknames for this alternate spelling name.
  10. Fernanda: The female form of Ferdiand, the names is believed to mean "peace," "youth," "courage," and "risk." Certainly all positive meanings, the name also has nicknames like Fair, Fern, and Nanda!
  11. Fia: A short and sweet Swedish name, that's come to be known as an alternate for the popular Sofia. It's also been used as a nickname for Fiammetta, which means "small flame."
  12. Fianna: It means "fair" or "white" in Gaelic and is also the plural form of Fian, which stands for a group of warriors in old Irish mythology.
  13. Finley: Taken from the Gaelic fionn and laogh, it translates directly into "fair-haired warrior." Expecting a little blonde fighter? This is the perfect choice.

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  14. Fiona: Another version of the Gaelic fionn, the name has been a popular moniker in countless stories, shows, and movies. Most notably? Shrek, obviously! 
  15. Flame: It's a flamin' middle name for the ladies, and even British actress Tina Malone used it for her daughter. To put it very clearly, it's on fire.
  16. Flavia: Nicknames like Via and Flav are two of the most popular for Flavia, which originally comes from the Latin word for "blonde and golden-haired." 
  17. Florence: It all started with the traditional Florentina, which means "blooming" and "prosperous," but the new name was made famous by Florence Nightingale, the founder of nursing. Kids these days, however, may also associate it with the band Florence + The Machine. 
  18. Flynn: The unisex name has gone the way of Wyatt and Taylor, and the ladies are taking over its usage. It means "red-haired," so feel free to snag it for your little ginger beauty. 
  19. Frances: A feminine form of Franceis, or Frank, Frances means "hailing from the French Empire." It's a name that spans centuries and reached its peak of popularity in the 1910s.
  20. Francesca: Francesca is the female version of Francesco, which means "free man." Though it is also a classic name, it's experienced a surge in popularity since 2006, after Jason Bateman used the name for his daughter.

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  21. Francine: Though it's a unisex name in France, it's a solidly female name in America. It also stems from Frances, but the -ine ending gives it an extra feminine kick.
  22. Freya: The feminine form of Frey, Freya means "lady" or "noblewoman." In ancient Norse mythology, she was the goddess of fertility and destiny and was the most beautiful of women.
  23. Frida: The Old Norse name means "beautiful" and "beloved," but we all know its most famous connection. The Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo has made the name famous for all generations to come. 
  24. Friday: You may know it as the middle name of The Addams Family's Wednesday Adams, but it follows alongside the calendar name trend. Just take a look at Nicole Kidman, who named her daughter Sunday Rose. 
  25. Fuchsia: Colorful, to say the least. The bright pink color is also a beautiful pink and purple flower, so you're hitting the floral and color trends, in one bright swoop. 

Which is your favorite 'F' name for girls?


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