25 Elegant Names for Baby Boys Starting With an 'E'

We see them every year and on every popular baby name list, and 'E' names for boys seems to be some of the most popular ones around. We've long known our Erics and Edwards and Eugenes, but there are plenty more where those came from.


These 25 'E' names for boys are exquisite and elegant. Take a look at the favorite:

  1. Easton: Is your little man due on Easter? Or do you expect him to be a future professional baseball player? Both associations are popular and common. But country singer Easton Corbin might give the name a little Southern twang as well.
  2. Eddison: Taken from the Olde English ead, the name means "wealth" and "prosperity" but is most recognized as the last name of one famous American historical figure: Thomas Edison (one d). 
  3. Egypt: Singer Alicia Keys surprised us all when she chose this name for her first son, but the country name has made the move to popular first name ever since. 
  4. Elian: The name first came into popularity thanks to the world-wide media coverage of Elian Gonzalez, the little boy who had traveled from Cuba and was rescued from sea. The name is a combination of his parents' names: Elizabeth and Juan. 
  5. Elias: It's a version of the name Elijah, a Biblical prophet and means "Jehovah is God," and has many famous carriers. From actor Elias Koteas to Walt Disney, whose middle name was Elias.

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  6. Eliezer: Derived from Lazarus, which means "God has helped," Elie is a popular nickname for the trendy Hebrew name that was thrust into the spotlight thanks to Eliezer Wiesel, the Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survivor.
  7. Elijah: The traditional Hebrew name means "Jehovah is God," just like Elias (see above), and was number 11 on the Social Security Administration's most popular baby names of 2013.
  8. Elliot: While it's become a unisex name thanks to Scrubs, the name is traditionally male. Also taken from Elijah, it initially became popular because of the main character in E.T.
  9. Ellis: Originally a last name, the Middle English name is a variant of Elisha, which means "God is salvation." The name was most popular in the early 1990s but has experienced a resurgence since 2010.
  10. Eloy: A Spanish name that means "to choose," the traditional Latin name has been given to many famous figures in history. From Saint Eligius (from whom the name originates), to Eloy Alfaro (a former president of Ecuador) and Eloy Fritsch (a Brazilian musician).
  11. Elton: It's a common place name in England and has been rumored to mean "eel town," but most will associate it with the British singer Elton John.
  12. Emerick: A variant of Emery, the name is a combination of two German words that mean "power" and "work and labor."
  13. Emerson: Another androgynous name, it's been most associated with famed writer Ralph Waldo Emerson and race car driver Emerson Fittipaldi.

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  14. Emery: A variant of Emerick, it means "work ruler," and if you're looking to have a leader and commander in your future, this is the name to give him. 
  15. Emilio: The Spanish name originates from the Latin word aemulus, which means "emulating" or "rival," and Emilio Estevez has made it popular.
  16. Emmett: The name started as a masculine form of the feminine Emma, but thanks to Twilight, got an extra boost in popularity in recent years. 
  17. Enzo: It could be a nickname for the Italian Lorenzo, but it's become its own standalone name in recent years. 
  18. Ephraim: The traditional Hebrew name means "fruitful" and was a son of Joseph's in the Bible, and then a leader of one of the tribes of Israel. Countless Israeli figures and politicians have held the name, and even more who have spelled it Ephram. 
  19. Esteban: The Spanish version of Stephen, Esteban means "a crown" and has been more and more popular in recent years. It peaked in popularity in 2005, but has been a staple name for generations. 
  20. Evan: The originally Gaelic name means "youth" and has been more widespread since 2009, in no doubt thanks to famous Evans like Evan Longoria, Evan Lysacek, and Evan Peters.

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  21. Everest: Perhaps the most famous Everest is the mountain, but the unisex name has a strong pronunciation and association that'll make it perfect for a powerful little guy.
  22. Everett: An old variant of Evered, the name means "strong, brave, and hearty," and also "strong as a boar." It's a traditional name that's just experienced a resurgence, thanks to its old school feel, but similar sound to other names like Everest.
  23. Exton: The 'x' names are all the rage in 2015, and this name is no different. Actor Robert Downey Jr. was ahead of the trend when he named his son Exton Elias (the double-e!), but it's also a name that has connection to a Celtic river. 
  24. Ezekiel: The traditional Hebrew name means "God strengthens" and was the name of a Hebrew prophet. Parents who have used the name have often nicknamed their little dude Easy or Zeke.
  25. Ezra: It means "help" in Hebrew, and has numerous famous namesakes from Ezra Taft Benson to Ezra Koenig. Most recently, many may recognize it as the teacher's name in ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars.

Which is your favorite 'E' name for boys?


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