12 Breathtaking Images of Babies Right in the Middle of Being Born

Judy Dutton | Apr 17, 2015 Pregnancy

jan barker half born baby
Jan Barker Photography

Few moments in life are as pivotal as those first few precious seconds when babies are almost born. These "half-born" pics, as they're called, show babies split between the comfort of the womb and the world at large. They're incredibly magical moments. When the baby is not quite separate from his or her mom, but not quite his or her own person, "half-born" photos serve as a memory of the doors between pregnancy and being a mother. 

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It's photos like these that remind one why it's important to have a birth photographer in the room. It is an incredibly special privilege. The photographers capture the moments that may be forgotten in the excitement of labor, and they capture a lasting impression of the connection between mother and child. 

In case you're curious to see what babies look like before they get all cleaned up, check out these amazing photos of half-born babies and hear what the photographers had to say about the experience -- for the babies, moms, and everyone else involved. Warning: These photos are raw, and messy, real ... and that's what makes them breathtaking to behold.

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