25 Elegant 'E' Names for Baby Girls

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We all know Elizabeth and Erica, but thanks to a few choice celebrities and one very popular Disney movie, there are a lot more 'E' names for parents who are going with the fifth letter in the alphabet when naming your baby girl.

We've rounded up the most elegant 'E' names for little ladies that'll make great additions to your baby name list:

  1. Eden: Taken from the Hebrew edhen, meaning "delight," it also is associated with the Biblical Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived before being tempted by the snake. 
  2. Effie: Suzanne Collins revived the name whens he named a character in her Hunger Games series Effie Trinket. While it may sound like a nickname to most, it's actually a completely independent name for girls.
  3. Eleanor: The originally Greek name means "light, torch, bright," and peaked in the 1910s. In the past four years, however, it's experienced a resurgence in popularity. And it has one great nickname: American author Nora Roberts' real first name is actually Eleanor.
  4. Elena: Originally a nickname of Helen, Helena, or Helene, it's been popular since 2011, thanks to the main character in the CW's Vampire Diaries.
  5. Eliza: It started as a short form of Elizabeth, which means "God is my oath," but it's now an independent name thanks to characters like Eliza Doolittle and actress Eliza Dushku.

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  6. Elle: A more modern version of the classic Ella, Elle is inspired by ELLE magazine, supermodel Elle Macpherson, actress Elle Fanning, and Legally Blonde's Elle Woods. 
  7. Elliot: It started as a last name that means "Jehovah is God" and was mostly popular with boys. But thanks to Sarah Chalke's character on Scrubs, it's become a unisex name that the ladies are quickly snatching up. 
  8. Eloise: Every little lady dreams of being Eloise at the Plaza, and thanks to that classic children's character, it's one of the most popular 'E' names on this list. Even actress Denise Richards used the name for her youngest daughter! 
  9. Elizabella: Alyssa Milano shocked us all when she used this name for her daughter, but the name is actually a combination of two great classics: Elizabeth and Isabella! 
  10. Elsa: You know its connection. It can't be denied. Thanks to Frozen, Elsa is one of the most popular names of 2014 and even if your daughter isn't the Queen of Arendelle, she'll be royalty.
  11. Elyse: Another name that originally started as a nickname for Elizabeth, Elyse is now its very own name. Feel free to mix it up however you see fit. Maybe change to Elise, if you so desire. 
  12. Emerson: The unisex name has been on the rise for girls and boys in recent years. Actress Teri Hatcher claimed it for her daughter, but the most famous use of the name is by American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson. 
  13. Emery: Christian rock band Emery has made the name popular in the mainstream, but many parents love it for its many nicknames. Emma, Emmy, and Mimi are just a few.

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  14. Emmy: Though she goes by Emmy professionally, actress Emmy Rossum was actually born Emmanuelle Grey Rossum. Now, the name has become its own, and you can credit that to the famed and coveted television trophy: the Emmy Award. 
  15. Esme: Meaning "loved" in French, is extra exotic when you add the accent: Esmé. Most recently, its become famous thanks to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight (it was the name of Edward's mom!)
  16. Esmeralda: It originated from the Spanish word that means "emerald," but it's most known as the main female protagonist in Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame. Also, shout out to Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, who named their daughter Esmeralda Amada.
  17. Estelle: Certainly traditional and a little old school, Estelle peaked in popularity in the 1900s, but it has experienced a spike in usage just in 2011, so catch this one before it's mainstream again. 
  18. Esther: Similar to Estelle, Esther also peaked in the 1900s, but its translations are much more varied. Some have argued that it means "myrtle," in Hebrew, or "star" in Persian, or even "goddess of love and fertility" from the Babylonian Isthar, so Esther has tons of possible inspirations. 
  19. Estrella: It's the Spanish version of Stella, and literally translates into "star." Plan on having a little star in the household? It's only fitting. 
  20. Etta: All hail Queen Etta James! Originating from the Gaelic form of Margaret, the name means "pearl" and could actually be a version of the classic Henrietta.

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  21. Eunice: Eunice Kennedy Shriver is perhaps the most famous holder of the name, but the name is actually a version of the Greek Eunike, which means "good victory."
  22. Evangeline: Taken from the Latin evangelium, it means "good news" and has been all the rage lately thanks to actress Evangeline Lilly. And with nicknames like Eva, Line, and Angie, why not?
  23. Everly: The Everly Brothers were a 1950s and 1960s singing duo, but Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum used it for their daughter, making it a perfect lady's name. Consider Everleigh as an alternative spelling as well.
  24. Evie: Meaning "the mother of all the living," thanks to the Biblical connection, the name is another shortened version of Elizabeth, or even Evangeline. 
  25. Evita: A diminutive of Eva, Eva, and Evie, the name was most famously carried by the Argentinian First Lady, and portrayed by Madonna in the Broadway musical. 

Which 'E' name for girls is your favorite?

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