11 Mother's Day Gifts for Pregnant Women (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Apr 13, 2015 Pregnancy
11 Mother's Day Gifts for Pregnant Women (PHOTOS)


Mother's Day is around the corner -- and yes, being pregnant counts as being a "mom" too! Pregnant women definitely deserve some pampering, so if you're looking for ideas on hints to drop your husband, you've come to the right place.

In our minds, the best gifts are ones that are about her -- not just the baby. Because her life will soon revolve around that little tyke anyway! As such, these gift ideas range from easing pregnancy aches to sweet mementos she will treasure forever. No matter which one strikes your fancy, they're all bound to make a mom-to-be feel very appreciated.

Mother's Day Gifts for Pregnant Women

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  • Nursing Nightie


    Image via Belabumbum

    Let's be honest: Most maternity wear isn't all that pretty -- but this maternity/nursing chemise is the rare exception. It's stylish and stretchy enough to get a mom through to your birth, then she can also wear it while nursing baby afterwards. $59 @ Belabumbum

  • Pretty Hot/Cold Packs


    Image via theferriswheels/Etsy

    If you're pregnant, odds are some part of your body aches, from your feet to your back to who knows what else ... which is why a pretty set of hot/cold packs will be a godsend that a mom-to-be can lean on not only during pregnancy, but after she gives birth (trust us). $38.95 @ theferriswheels/Etsy

  • Teething Ring Necklace


    Image via Maternitique

    When it comes to gifts, you can never go wrong with jewelry, and a teething ring necklace is something baby-to-be will love gnawing on, too. It's made of sterling silver, which has anti-bacterial and soothing qualities to ease an infant's sore gums ... and just plain beautiful. $179 @ Maternitique

  • Push Pack


    Image via Amazon

    If you're stressed about that day you rush to the hospital, it can be a huge relief to know you're prepared with a "push pack" -- a bag filled with everything you could possibly need, including nipple cream, breast pads, deodorant wipes, disposable underwear, thank you cards, playing cards, and far more you would have never thought to include yourself but will definitely come in handy. $44.95 @ Amazon

  • BellyBuds


    Image via Buy Buy Baby

    A Baby in utero can hear a few things from the outside world, but odds are it's pretty muffled. Not so with BellyBuds, which attach right to your stomach and transmit sound inside. If she's jonesing to cultivate an early Rolling Stones or Rihanna fan, this is the ticket. $49.99 @ Buy Buy Baby

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  • Ice Cream Made for Two


    Image via ECreamery

    If her ice cream cravings are through the roof, welcome to the club! And how cool would it be to receive ice cream designed for pregnancy like ECreamery's "Eating for Two" or "Peanut Butter & Pickles"? $49.99 for four pints, ECreamery

  • Maternity Photography Session


    Image via michaeljung/shutterstock

    However she feels about her pregnant look, she will definitely want to remember it down the road. Which is why having someone treat her to a professional maternity photography session will be the gift you'll cherish long after she's back in her skinny jeans. Log on to the International Association of Birth Photographers to find a photographer in your area who can not only shoot a maternity session but the birth too!

  • A Gorgeous Scarf


    Image via Distinctive Decor

    While she can't wear your regular clothes and her maternity wear will eventually have to go, there are a few items that can stick around for both phases: scarves. Worn over the head, neck or whatever else strikes your fancy, they can instantly freshen up an old outfit and make a mama-to-be feel glam again (which may be sorely needed right about now). $39 @ Distinctive Decor

  • An Elegant Diaper Bag


    Image via Coach

    Once you're a mom, you kiss your cute little purses good bye; you need to carry a lot more stuff. But that doesn't mean her tote has to scream frumpy at all, and while it may be hard for a mom to justify buying something as nice as this Coach taxi baby bag tote for herself, hey, that's what husbands and Mother's Days are for! $495 @ Coach

  • Gift Certificate for a Prenatal Massage


    Image via Fineart1/shutterstock

    A gift certificate for a prenatal massage is the epitome of pampering that can help reduce back pain, joint pain, edema, and whole bunch of other pregnancy-related woes. The American Pregnancy Massage Association will be able to point you to a practicing professional in your area.



  • A Funny Baby Book


    Image via Amazon

    She will probably be reading more than a few baby books in the coming months ... but far more important than knowing the ins and outs of breastfeeding and binkies is holding onto your sense of humor. Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year will not only prepare her but keep her laughing, which is priceless. $9.28 @ Amazon

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