25 Dashing 'D' Names for Little Boys

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Whether you're expecting a little daredevil or a royal Duke, 'D' names are some of the most traditional and popular baby names for little boys.


David and Daniel have been popular for generations, but these offbeat and cool 'D' names for little guys make a perfect addition to your list:

  1. Dale: It originated with the Gaelic dail, which means "assembly or gathering," and your little Dale is almost guaranteed to be a people-person. The most popular kid at daycare, Dale can also be inspired by famous race car driver Dale Earnhardt. 
  2. Dalton: The Wild West name evokes images of the Dalton Gang of the 1800s, but it actually means "a farm in the dale!" Most recently, however, it's mostly famous because of Timothy Dalton, the British who starred as James Bond. 
  3. Damian: Taken from the Greek Damianos, which roughly means "to tame," the name has grown in popularity, and was one of the biggest names of 2012. It's also fairly universal, carrying the same spelling in multiple languages, making it perfect for international families. 
  4. Damon: Though it started as a variant of Damian, it's quickly become its own name, thanks to the influence of Ian Somerhalder's character on The Vampire Diaries and, of course, Matt Damon.
  5. Dane: The Olde English last name means "dweller in the valley," but is also used to describe someone from Denmark. Between famous Danes like Dane Cook, Dane Iorg, and Dane DeHaan, there are many other well-known representatives.

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  6. Dario: The name has a long history that spans multiple continents, but its original meaning remains unknown. Look to famous gentlemen like Dario Marianelli, Dario Cassini, and Dario Fo as just a few of its most recognized carriers. 
  7. Darwin: The name is taken from the Olde English Deorwine, which means "gifted friend" or "dear friend," but it's most known for its biggest star: naturalist Charles Darwin. 
  8. Dash: Kourtney Kardashian surprised us all when she chose this middle name for her first son Mason. Granted it's a nickname of her last name and the name of her store, but the rest of us know it as the previous nickname of Dashiell or Dasher.
  9. Dawson: It peaked in popularity in the 2000s, no doubt thanks to the popularity of Dawson's Creek, and Leonardo DiCaprio's character in Titanic
  10. Dax: The 'x' trend is one of the most popular styles in boys' names today, so it's no shocker Dax has been on the rise since 2012. Of course, actor Dax Shepard is the most-recognized Dax of them all... so far. 
  11. Deacon: It's defined as a cleric or high figure in a church, but it became even more popular when American's sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon chose the name for her oldest son. 
  12. Dean: In Olde English it means "valley," but it also has a collegiate meaning. A dean is often the highest academic position held at a college or university!
  13. Declan: It's the birth name of singer-songwriter Elvis Costello, but the classically Irish name has plenty of variations and nicknames to suit your taste. From Dechlan to Decklen and Dex to Deco, mix and match the name however you see fit.

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  14. Dempsey: We have actor Patrick Dempsey and soccer player Clint Dempsey or boxer Jack Dempsey and army general Martin Dempsey. Clearly there are plenty of men who have carried the name with pride. And fittingly so, the Irish moniker actually means "proud."
  15. Denzel: Originally spelled Denzell, after the Cornwall town, the name has dropped the second 'L,' much like famous actor Denzel Washington. 
  16. Dexter: He's guaranteed to have dexterity, this one! In Latin, the name means "right-handed," but it's recently become associated with the show Dexter as well as the kids' cartoon Dexter's Laboratory.
  17. Diego: It originally started as the nickname for Jaime, the Spanish version of James, but it's also become it's own name in recent years. Just take painter Diego Rivera and singer Diego Torres as examples! 
  18. Diesel: He'll be running on fumes, that's for sure! Actor Vin Diesel has made this name well-recognized, but it has yet to hit the popularity charts. Snag it up before you start seeing it everywhere. 
  19. Dino: It could be used as a nickname for names that end in -dino and -tino, like Augustino and Bernardino. It's also a slightly altered version of Dean (see above).
  20. Donovan: In Gaelic, it's a combination of words that mean "dark brown" or "dark-haired" and has been a popular last name in America. Actor Tate Donovan and soccer player Landon Donovan are just a couple famous guys who are helping propel the name's popularity.

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  21. Dorian: One of the more unisex names on the list, Dorian is perhaps most recognized as the main subject of Oscar Wilde's novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. 
  22. Drake: Musician Drake goes only by Drake, and with a name that means "dweller at the sign of the dragon," we certainly can't blame him. 
  23. Drew: Another unisex name, Drew originally started as a nickname and shortened version of the traditional Andrew. Recently, however, more and more parents have chosen it as a simple short first name. 
  24. Drexel: Taken from the German drasil, which means "turner," Drexel is probably more recognized as the Philadelphia college: Drexel University. 
  25. Duncan: A combination of the Gaelic words donn ("brown") and chadh ("warrior"), the name is traditional Scottish. Just don't make any Dunkin' Donuts references around this one! 

Which is your favorite 'D' name for boys?



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