25 Delightful 'D' Names for Little Girls

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Danielle and Dana have long-been two of the most famous and popular 'D' names for baby girls, but there are plenty more delightful names for dames if you're going with the fourth letter of the alphabet.


Take a look at these 25 recognized, but not overwhelmingly popular, 'D' names for little girls:

  1. Dahlia: The flower of the same name is a hot pink, beehive-like beauty. The name itself, however, is inspired by the 18th-century botanist who discovered the plant, Anders Dahl.
  2. Daisy: Another 'D' flower name, Daisy has been far more popular than Dahlia. It peaked in popularity in the 1880s and has a sweet meaning. It originated as the combination of two words: day's eye because of its round and sun-like structure. 
  3. Dakota: In Siouan, it means "allies or friends" and is most directly inspired by North and South Dakota. However, two popular current actresses are making the name bigger and bigger. Dakota Fanning and Dakota Johnson are just a couple more famous Dakotas. 
  4. Dallas: The Texas city has spurned an inspiration of baby names. This unisex moniker means "waterfall field" in Gaelic and even has some celebrity inspiration. Actress and singer Demi Lovato has a sister named Dallas. 
  5. Danica: Spelled either Danica or Danika, this Slavic name means "morning star." Famous race car driver Danica Patrick carries the name, which has a bevy of nicknames like Dani, Nica, Dana, and Niki.

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  6. Dania: With Danya as another spelling variation, the name is a longer version of Dani, and is sometimes used as a different take on Danielle or Daniella. 
  7. Daphne: The classic Greek name is inspired by the goddess who escaped from Apollo by turning into a laurel tree. Daphne Zuniga and Daphne Oz are just a couple famous ladies to carry the spring-time name. 
  8. Darby: It peaked in the 1990s, and the traditional Irish last name has officially made the transition to American first name. The word means "free" or "free man" in Olde English and is yet another unisex name that's perfect for a little lady. 
  9. Daria: For the '90s kids, Daria is the main character and namesake of the Beevis and Butthead spinoff, Daria. It originally began as a female version of the male Darius.
  10. Dasha: Like Sasha with a 'D'! Often a shortened version of Dashenka, or a Russian pet name of Daria, the name has is much more popular in the Eastern Hemisphere... so far. 
  11. Dayton: An Olde English name meaning "settlement surrounded by ditch or moat," it's also an Ohio city! The name is far more popular for boys than girls, but the ladies have quickly begun to take it over. 
  12. Deja: Pronounced day-zhah (like deja vu!), the name means "remembrance" in French. 
  13. Delaney: It all started as a Gaelic last name, but it's spun into a first name for the ladies. With nicknames like Laney, Lane, Dell, and Della, little Delaney has plenty of options.

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  14. Delilah: She was a famous mistress in the Bible, but the Plain White T's made Delilah more popular in recent years with their hit, "Hey There, Delilah."
  15. Delta: It's one of the more unusual names on the list, but actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard made the name popular again when they named their second daughter Dell in late 2015. It's best known as the letter D'' in the Greek alphabet, but is also the technical name for a piece of land that holds river deposit. 
  16. Desiree: Not surprisingly, the name means "desired" in Latin and is actually a very popular name in Sweden. It originated with Desiree Clary, who was once engaged to Napoleon Bonaparte, but later married the King of Sweden. Now, all firstborn royal ladies are given Desiree as a middle name. 
  17. Devin: It means "poet" in Gaelic but has remained out of the spotlight... for now. Consider alternative spellings like Devan, Devon, and even the more-popular Devyn as options! 
  18. Dixie: The term refers to the Southern states that made up the Confederacy, but it quickly became a girls' name starting in the 1880s. 
  19. Dolly: It started as a pet name for Dorothy and Delores, but it's not its own standalone name. It was most popular in the early 1900s, but country singer star Dolly Parton has given it a much-needed resurgence. 
  20. Dominique: Taken from the Latin Dominicus, which means "belonging to a lord," the French name is also a female version of Dominic and means "light of God."

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  21. Dorota: Calling all Gossip Girl fans! Any Blair fans will recognize the name as the best friend and confidante of Leighton Meester's character. It's a different version of Dorothy, but has received a boost in popularity thanks to the CW show. 
  22. Dorothy: This classic name, however, has been a hit for decades. The Greek name means "gift of God" and includes nicknames like Dot, Dottie, Dora, and Dolly. 
  23. Drew: Jessica Simpson gave her daughter all androgynous names (Maxwell Drew) and started a whole trend. This shortened version of Andrew has become its own name, but only very recently for the ladies, thanks to Simpson and, of course, actress Drew Barrymore. 
  24. Dulce: It means "candy" and "sweet" in Latin and can be spelled the traditional way, Dulce, or the newer way, Dulcie. Actor Jamie Dornan recently used the name for his daughter, Dulcie Dornan. 
  25. Dylan: Another popular boys' name, this Celtic name means "sea" and has seen the transition into girls' names. Dylan Lauren, the owner of Dylan's Candy Bar, and daughter of designer Ralph Lauren, is a famous female Dylan! 

Which is your favorite 'D' name for girls?


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