25 Clever 'C' Names for Little Boys

baby boyYou find out you're about to have a cute little boy, and the next step is natural: picking the name. Whether you're going to alliteration, or just particularly like the hard 'C' or soft 'Ch' sound, 'C' baby names for boys are some of the most popular.


We love the classic Charles and Christopher, but there are plenty of other names that can go on your 'C' list. Take a look at these clever and cute monikers:

  1. Cade: the name peaked in popularity in 2006, but has plenty of Hollywood influences. It's the name of a descendant in the Skywalker family in Star Wars and a character in Gone With the Wind, but it all started as an Olde English nickname for something round.
  2. Cale: originated from the Gaelic caol, which means "thin or slender," the name has other variations if the standard spelling doesn't suit your little man. Try Cael or Cail, or even switch to Kail or Kale. 
  3. Calder: it's the name of the highest trophy won in minor league hockey, and also the name of famous artist Alexander Calder. Like other names on this list, it has Gaelic origins and is a mix of the words coille ("wood"), dur ("stream"), and the Welsh call ("starting") and dwr ("water").
  4. Callum: taken from the Scottish Calum and the Latin Columba ("dove"), the name reached its peak of popularity in 2012. The long-form Callum is the most popular version, but Cal, Cay, Coll, and Calm are all usable nicknames. 
  5. Camden: made famous by recent celebrity usage, Camden is an Olde English word meaning "winding valley." In the past couple years, it's been used by two notable celebrity couples: Jay Cutler and Krisitin Cavallari and Nick and Vanessa Lachey all have sons named Camden.

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  6. Cannon: a popular preppy name, by like likes of Camden, Cannon could actually be considered a variant of Channing (see below). Plus, Larry King is a big fan of the name. The late night host named his son Cannon!
  7. Carrick: the name's origin can be traced back to the Gaelic word creag, which means "rock." It has since been Anglicized and also uses the classic Eric as a nickname.
  8. Carson: since 2010, the name has been one of the most popular C-names for boys. It's a literal combination of two words: Carr's son, and can be sourced to the Scottish car ("marsh") and Welsh caer ("fort") and Gaelic carr ("rock").
  9. Cash: the name has been popular in the South for decades, ever since the rise of country singer Johnny Cash. But ever since 2003, the name has hit the mainstream country-wide when the singer passed away. Plus, Jessica Alba's husband Cash Warren helped to make the name even more recognized.
  10. Chance: a little preppy but definitely not over-used, Chance is another baby name used by Larry King. You could, perhaps, link it back to the classic Chauncey or Chancellor, but Chance has become its own name.
  11. Chandler: the name peaked in the 1990s, and there's only one reason why. Thanks to Matthew Perry's character on Friends, the name's popularity hit the stratosphere. If you're a superfan, consider Cha Cha, The Chan Chan Man, and Bing-a-Ling as nicknames for this Chandler.
  12. Chase: whether you choose Chase, or the alternate spelling, Chace, the name comes from the Olde English last name that means "dweller at the hunting ground." Chevy Chase helped to make the first version famous while Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford is the biggest carrier of the second. 
  13. Chester: the full name peaked back in the 1910s, while the even-more-popular nickname Chet was huge in the '70s. With Chester A. Arthur, the 21st President of the United States, and Chester Cheetah, the mascot for Cheetos, there are tons of recognized Chesters.

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  14. Chevy: also made popular by actor Chevy Chase, the name is also a nice callback to the American automotive industry. But, fun fact, the name also means "horseman or knight" in French.
  15. Chord: the musical name is the technical term for the combination of three notes. That's why its no surprise why musical and Glee actor Chord Overstreet has become a singing sensation.
  16. Christian: between Christian Dior, Christian Bale, Christian Slater, and yes, Christian Grey, the name has gotten off-the-charts popular. It peaked in 2005, and literally translates into "follower of Christ."
  17. Clayton: a combination of the Olde English elements claeg ("clay") and tun ("town"), it means "settlement near the clay pit." It's also been one of the more popular C-names for little boys, staying steadily famous ever since the 1880s.
  18. Clinton: the name means "settlement by the cliff," and while the political Clinton family is possibly the most famous group of Clintons, the name's popularity actually went down after President Bill took office.
  19. Coby: either its a variation of Kobe Bryant's moniker or is a nickname for the popular Jacob, Coby has become it's own name in recent years. Be careful with pronunciations, however. It may get confused with the also-popular Colby.
  20. Cohen: a popular Jewish last name, Cohen has actually become extremely popular in America in the late 2000s, perhaps due to The O.C. and the show's Cohen family. In the Hebrew language, it actually means "priest," and is quickly making the transition to first name.

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  21. Cole: as a possible nickname for Coleman, Coulter, and even Nicholas, Cole is taken from the Olde English col, which means "coal." It's been used as a playful title for aa dark-haired person, which fits the description perfectly. 
  22. Colt: whether it started as a nickname of Colter or Colton, we'll never know, but Colt is now it's own official name. It's similar to Bolt, and even perfect for an athlete. An Indianapolis Colt, perhaps?
  23. Conrad: an Americanized version of the German Konrad, it means "bold and wise counsel," so get ready for a future negotiator and lawyer.
  24. Corbin: it means "raven" in Olde French, and has been made famous by High School Musical star Corbin Bleu. While the name's been popular, it's also filled with other just-as-popular nicknames: Cory, Corb, Cobe, Corbe.
  25. Cullen: the Cullen family from Twilight made the name well-known to the current generation, but did you know it's actually an Irish name meaning "holly"? The vampire connection is actually quite friendly. Who knew?

Which 'C' name for boys is your favorite?


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