17 Things You Should Never Say to a Mom Planning a Natural Birth

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Planning to endure labor and delivery sans meds? If ever there was a reason for "push presents" to exist, this would be it. But weirdly, not everyone thinks natural childbirth is the safest, healthiest way to bring a baby into this world. (Never mind that it's what the majority of women in the world do by default.)


When it comes to natural childbirth, we've heard people -- even other moms! Even doctors! -- roll their eyes, snort derisively, or come right out and say one of the maddeningly thoughtless, judgy comments below.

Sure, they're funny now. But if you know someone about to deliver a baby without an epidural, please do us a favor. Put all of these comments on your "Do Not Say Ever, Ever, Ever" list:

1. Why are you being such a martyr? Um, since when is saying no to drugs a way to hurt myself?

2. Everyone says they're going to do natural childbirth. Just wait. Wow, I'm impressed you know "everyone."

3. It's not like you get a medal for not getting an epidural. No, but I'm not having a baby to win a prize either.

4. Don't set yourself up for failure, sweetie. Talk about words of encouragement!

5. You're nuts. For what, exactly -- having a baby?!

6. Just take the drugs. That's what they're there for! You know you sound like a dealer, right?

7. Twins aren't natural, so technically, you're not having a "natural" birth. But my irritation from this conversation feels pretty darn natural.

8. You're going to be screaming for drugs. Or not.

9. You won't be able to do it. I know you. Way to cheer me on, Mom.

10. Go ahead then, have all the pain you want. Wow, uh, thanks? 

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11. You always have to do things the hard way, don't you? Since when is any childbirth easy?

12. You know women still die in childbirth, right? So let me get this straight, you think not having drugs will kill me?

13. What's your definition of "natural?" Because there's more than one?

14. My friend/sister/cousin/neighbor tried natural childbirth and said it was the worst. Worse than you telling me this?

15. Is your husband making you? FYI, it's the 21st century.

16. I was going to try natural childbirth, but I'm not crazy. Um, no. Just sorta tactless.

17. I didn't know you were so earthy-crunchy! If by "earthy-crunchy" you mean wanting a peaceful, drug-free birth -- I guess I'm a total hippie. 

Why do you think some people are against natural childbirth?


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