Talented Baby Claps Along to 'If You're Happy & You Know It' on Ultrasound (WATCH)

This kid is gonna grow up to be a star! Couples love to look at ultrasounds of their baby in utero, but one couple has made a stunning music video of their baby's first weeks by capturing the baby clapping along to a song they were singing while watching the monitor. Baby clearly has awesome rhythm as he or she boogies along to "If You're Happy and You Know It."


The baby is only 14 weeks old and already has the beat down. Check it out:

Awww, pretty awesome, right? Mom Jennifer explained to AOL Online that the baby was somewhat of a miracle as she and her husband had been told they couldn't concieve. Those ended up being the magic words, and soon clapping baby was brought into their life.

As for how the video happened, Jennifer says the baby clapped three times while in the womb, and the doctor asked if the couple would like him to rewind the video while they sang, so they could make a video.

Of course they thought that was an awesome idea, and Jennifer came up with the idea for the song. The doctor then played the video to the couple's singing, as they kept in time with the baby's clapping.

There's no big mystery about what happened here, but trolls on YouTube are intent on trying to ruin the couple's happiness by insisting the baby only clapped once and then the clap was spliced together to create multiple claps. Whatever, people, just enjoy a cute video, okay?

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Jennifer and her husband then used the video to create what has to be one the coolest pregnancy announcements ever.

Did your baby ever do anything really amazing in the womb?


Image via Jen Cardinal/YouTube

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