Absolutely Adorable 'A' Names for Little Girls

baby girl with A letter blockFrom Amy to Allison to Amanda to Anna, so many classic girls' names start with the first letter of the alphabet. Of course, it's also the first one your daughter will learn, so picking a name with an "A" at the start makes for an extra advantage when it comes to learning how to spell her name as a toddler.


But you don't have to stick with the classics -- there are plenty of lovely "A" names for your little one that are a little more out-of-the-box. We brought our A game to finding the best out there!

  1. Abril: The name comes from the Latin "aprilis," which means second or latter. But in the olden Roman calendar, which began with March, it stood for the Americanized April, the then-second month. 
  2. Ada: A shortened version of Adele or Adriana, it's actually an Ibo name that means "first-born female." Having your first little girl? Ada's the spot-on pick.
  3. Ainsley: For all you West Wing fans, Ainsley Hayes is one of the biggest carriers of the name. It's actually a more common boys' name than girls', but it's become more and more popular for the ladies after the character's appearance on the show.
  4. Akira: A traditional Japanese boys' name (that means bright and intelligent), has made the move to America and become a girls' name in recent years. It's a most common as a girls' name in Scotland, however, where it means "anchor."
  5. Alivia: It's Olivia with a twist! But any good Shakespearean buff will know that it's the name of an heiress in Twelfth Night.

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  6. Alondra: It's one of the biggest names in Puerto Rico and --fun fact -- is the shortened version of Alejandra, or Alexandra.
  7. America: Just think of America Ferrera! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star is famous for using our national name as a first moniker, but you know it's perfect for a strong little lady.
  8. Amina: It's a fairly universal name, and easy to pronounce, and means both "honest and trustworthy" (in Arabic) and a feminized version of Amen in Swahili. 
  9. Amira: The feminine form of the Arabic Amir, it means "to command and to rule" and is often associated with royalty. It's perfectly fit for a princess.
  10. Anastasia: After the famous Princess Anastasia of Russia, this name has been on the rise in America in recent years. It peaked in 2005, and has plenty of clever nicknames available. Stacy, Ana, Ani, Sasha, Nadia, and Natasha are just a few of its variants. 
  11. Anika: Just a different form of Anna, but it's taken a life of its own. Experts also attribute its origins to the Hebrew  Hannah, which means "full of grace."
  12. Annalise: Originating in Scandinavia, it's a combination of two popular names: Anne and Liese. But its meanings are multiple. From "grace of God" to "graceful light," you can find meanings of the name in virtually every language. 
  13. Arely: Though it has yet to crack the Social Security Administration's list of most popular names, Arely is on the rise! It was not a popular name until the 2010s, when it peaked in popularity in 2011, so look out for plenty of Arelys in coming years.

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  14. Ariana: A twist on the Welsh arian, meaning "silver," it's one of the more commonly known names, thanks to chart-topping singer Ariana Grande.
  15. Armani: Of course, inspired by famed designer Giorgio Armani, the last name has become a standalone baby name as well. Think you'll have a fashionable little lady? Start her off on the right (well-dressed) foot with this designer choice.
  16. Ashtyn: While Ashton is already a fairly androgynous name, the different spelling has actually taken over for the ladies. Originally, however, it was a fairly basic combination of two other words: aesc and tun, which means "ash tree" and "town." Word within a word lesson for you!
  17. Asia: It can be pronounced like the continent (ay-zha) or with a longer A (ah-sha), but it's easy to spell and you bet she can find her name on the map. Get it? Get it?
  18. Aspen: Taken both from the Colorado city and the type of tree, this name is all about the love. Fun twist for you: an aspen tree's leaves are actually heart-shaped, so you can totally set the hearts a-fluttering! 
  19. Aurora: The princess has arrived! Though she went undercover as Briar Rose, Disney's Sleeping Beauty's real name was Aurora. Time to plan that Disneyland getaway ASAP.
  20. Avery: It originated as a last name (and Jesse Williams' character's name on Grey's Anatomy), but its turned into a bona fide girls name. In French, it means "elf gathering," and "magic counsel" in Olde English, so unleash the magic!

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  21. Avril: We all know Avril Lavigne, but the name is actually just a different spelling of April, or Abril, as listed above. But it's rocker connection definitely sets it apart from its sister names. 
  22. Ayla: A different take on the Hebrew Eilah, or more common Ela, Ayla is actually pronounced "eye-lah." Its meanings vary, but the most-common is "oak tree," a sturdy, dependable, and trustworthy force of nature.
  23. Aylin: It originated as a Turkish name and means "moon halo," but it's also the name of famous actress and ballet dancer Aylin Mujica.
  24. Azaria: Another last name to first name transition (hey there, Hank Azaria!), this name actually means "help of God." Better yet, you'd have no shortage of nicknames. From Ari and Aria to Zari and Zaria, you can be sure to find shorter versions of the name.
  25. Azul: It's like Blue Ivy, with a twist! It means "blue" in Spanish, and if you're going for a colorful twist, sisters Scarlett and Ruby would be proud.

Which is your favorite A-name for a girl?


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