10 Rare Images of Babies Born in the Amniotic Sac

They're said to be born with life-long good luck and have an natural affinity towards water, but babies born en-caul are some of the rarest births in the world today. So rare that many moms have never even heard of it until it happens to them. A caul birth occurs in about 1 in every 80,000 births, and it's defined as a time when the baby is born with a thin membrane still covering their face and body.


That membrane is the amniotic sac, and babies can be born with just a piece of it on them or -- even more rarely -- entirely encased in it.

And just like they're extremely rare, they are also extremely beautiful. For women who were lucky enough to have a birth photographer present with them during delivery were able to catch this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The following photos are beautiful, special, and mark the exact moment when an en-caul child has been born.

How much do you love #6? Such a gorgeous shot!



Image via One Tree Photography

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