16 Rare Photos of Babies Born in the Amniotic Sac

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All births are unique and special in their own way. But babies born en caul are some of the rarest types of births in the world today. Having an en caul birth is so rare, in fact, that many moms have never even heard of it until it happens to them. A caul birth occurs in about 1 in every 80,000 births. Babies lucky enough to come into this world covered in their caul are said to be lucky and have a special affinity for water (and if moms are a fan of Stephen King's The Shining, maybe some psychic talents too!).


The caul is a part of every birth, it's just very uncommon that newborn babies end up bringing it along while making their big debut. This thin membrane is also known as the amniotic sac. Newborns can come into the world with just a piece of it on them, draped in it like a cloak, or -- even more rarely -- entirely encased within it.

Just as these births are extremely rare, they are also extremely beautiful. For women who are lucky enough to have a birth photographer present with them during delivery (or a quick-thinking spouse with a camera), the photos can be truly stunning.

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As if we needed any more proof about how incredible birth is, the following photos are beautiful, special, even a little bit magical -- and mark the exact moment when an en caul child has been born.

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