Pregnancy: Did You Know...Babies Cry in the Womb?

girlneffy posted a question in Answers about babies crying in the womb -- did you know they do? Research has found that babies start to cry in response to a loud or disruptive noise as early as the 28th week. Silently, of course, but complete with the quivering lip.


Recognizing this prenatal behavior is important because, developmentally, it's a big deal -- it's a complex action that requires a coordinated effort of several motor systems and negative reaction to a stimulus.

girlneffy asked moms how knowing this made them feel, and moms were definitely touched. I know many women who loved to watch National Geographic's show In the Womb while pregnant to learn what a growing fetus is capable of -- it makes what's happening in the belly feel so real, immediate, and wondrous.

What about you? How does it make you feel to know your baby can cry in response to displeasure, even before birth?

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