Pregnancy: Did You Know...Babies Cry in the Womb?


girlneffy posted a question in Answers about babies crying in the womb -- did you know they do? Research has found that babies start to cry in response to a loud or disruptive noise as early as the 28th week. Silently, of course, but complete with the quivering lip.

Recognizing this prenatal behavior is important because, developmentally, it's a big deal -- it's a complex action that requires a coordinated effort of several motor systems and negative reaction to a stimulus.

girlneffy asked moms how knowing this made them feel, and moms were definitely touched. I know many women who loved to watch National Geographic's show In the Womb while pregnant to learn what a growing fetus is capable of -- it makes what's happening in the belly feel so real, immediate, and wondrous.

What about you? How does it make you feel to know your baby can cry in response to displeasure, even before birth?

3rd trimester, in the news


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momke... momkelly2

don't know..     how it makes me feel..    it didn't upset me when my DS cried in the womb..   surprised and excited me..    and yes I heard him..  

I worked with a woman who said she heard her son cry..  and I thought she had been mistaken..     then one day..   Pregnant with my son..   like 7 or 8 months.  

in the nursery changing my DD clothes...  and I heard a baby cry..    I was looking at DD and she wasn't crying..  no child out side  the house..   no TV / raido on..  so yeah I heard my DS cry in the womb!    would not have believed it but it happened to me.. so I guess I have to believe.

but I didn't find it upsetting..  I was too shocked to feel much else.    he only cried out once.   and then it was done.     

AmaliaD AmaliaD

that is nuts!  i am 19 weeks and the baby only really reacts to my son's voice because he gets close to my tummy and yells hey baby!!! the baby always kicks and jumps,  he will have to get used to it, my son is LOUD!

MamaC... MamaCatCat

Wow, that's kinda interesting. I saw a video of a baby crying in the womb via ultrasound and I thought it was fake, but I've been seeing it more and more that it's possible. Would you feel silly to comfort your fetus after a loud sound? Lol, I would wonder that people around thought I was crazy, but now that I know a loud sound can upset even a fetus, I would want to speak softly outloud after a loud sound in case my little bean was upset!

MaMom... MaMomToTwo

I believe that babies can and do cry in the womb. They can hear and physically respond to a variety of sounds and other stimulations. However, even if they do cry, it's bunk to say that you can hear it, because A. there's the nice little pool of amniotic fluid they're swimming around in. B. there's the other various amounts of flesh in between the womb and the skin. C. there's skin. You can't hear a fetus "cry" through all of that. Or, if you somehow did, it would sound nothing like an actual cry. Have you ever heard someone scream underwater? Have you ever heard a radio underwater? Babies can cry in the can't hear it.

Mommy... Mommy2AddieE

Actually the only times I've read that people HEARD the crying was during an abortion procedure where oxygen was introduced into the womb and allowed the sound to carry.   Otherwise it's just silent crying.  Still adorable to think of the little one in there with a quivering lip.. but it's silent.

Godluvzu Godluvzu

That is very interesting. I have had 7 full term pregnancies, and I'm almost 28 wks with #8 right now, and I have never heard my babies cry in the womb. I have often wondered if babies did cry in the womb, but never thought it was possible for a mother to actually hear it. With all the kids in our house, I think my little one is probably used to loud noises by now. In general, once my babies are born, loud noises don't seem to upset them, so they must be accustomed to them.

mom23... mom23boys679

I don't know if this counts, but during my c-section, they didn't even have my uterus cut yet...just my abdomen and my son was crying before the scalpel hit the uterus. It was the most miraculous thing I've ever heard. I mean he was about to be born, not nessesary 100% still in the womb. I don't know, who knows. :)

Other... OtherMother4ya

This conflicts my heart because on the one hand,  I find it precious to know the tenderness of a childs heart is in need of protection.     On the other hand the Pain of abortion now comes into play in a much more abhorring light.

Sorry to get morose but as a minister a mother  songwriter and lyricist my mind goes to some pretty dark places.     But the dark colors help balance the rainbow and it would not be without them.

Punky... Punkylu78

I am 22 wks pregnant and reading that kind of made me a bit sad to think my little one is (or will be at 28 wks) crying and I can't hold or console them =( but on the other hand it amazes me how much they can do before they are even born!

sfwilson sfwilson

I'm just glad we can't hear them (usually).  That much more calm before the storm! :)

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