7 Fertility Apps to Help You Get Pregnant

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If you're trying to get pregnant, you probably know it's not just about donning some lingerie and hoping for the best. There's a whole science to conceiving -- you must have sex during the precise right moment of your menstrual cycle -- and thankfully a whole array of apps available on your smartphone or tablet that can help you boost the odds of seeing a plus sign on your next pregnancy test.


The apps range from simple to sophisticated -- so whether you merely want to track where you are in your menstrual cycle or turbo-charge your baby-making goals with all that science and technology has to offer, there's an app that will become your best friend on the road to success.

So which one is worth hitting "purchase" on? Here's a break down of some of the hottest apps on the market -- based on your personal needs.

Guide to Fertility Apps

Free Apps

  1. Clue (Apple and Android) is like Netflix for your fertility: The more personal data you enter -- like the dates of your periods and other symptoms like cramps and mood swings -- the better it gets at predicting when you're ovulating and most fertile. You can even get push notifications of when your fertility peaks and you should strip down and get it on.
  2. Ovia Fertility (Apple and Android) claims it is the #1 most accurate fertility app, helping women conceive three times faster than the national average. What's its secret? A team of Harvard scientists came up with a proprietary algorithm to predict your fertility based on how much you weigh, what you eat, when you exercise, medications you're on and a dizzying array of other personal details.
  3. WomanLog (Apple and Android) is great if you simply want to track your fertility without a bunch of complicated bells and whistles. You just tap a date on the calendar and enter your basal body temperature, periods, and other info. Over 11,000 customers have rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars, so you know this has a long track record of happy (and hopefully pregnant) women!
  4. Kindara (Apple), was created by a husband-and-wife team because "getting pregnant is a pain in the ass." In addition to the usual stuff -- calendars to track your menstrual cycle, basal body temperature, and other factors impacting fertility -- it also boasts one particularly enticing perk: You can "ask the expert" a question for $20. Plus you can pre-order a digital basal body temperature thermometer for $79.

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Apps With a Price Tag

  1. Period Tracker Deluxe (Apple and Android, $1.99) allows you to not only track your menstrual cycle and fertile windows, but to chat with others users. Consider it a fertility calendar and support group rolled into one.
  2. Selene (Apple, $7.99) has all the usual stuff -- calendars to track your menstrual cycle, basal body temperature, cervical mucous and other factors impacting fertility -- but one particularly enticing perk: You can "ask the expert" a question for an additional $9.99. So if you want an expert at your fingertips that'll keep you from stalking your OB/GYN, this is your ticket.
  3. Woman Calendar (Apple, $9.99) allows you to track your fertility in dizzying detail, with places to enter your daily basal body temperature, dates you ovulate and get your period, even your sexual escapades! Viewed on your iPhone, iPad, or computer, this data then also gets presented in nifty charts and graphs which you can print out for your next doctor's appointment.

Got any apps for pregnancy or parenting that you adore?


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